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Latest releases & announcements

- New announcements and rumours from the Nuremberg Toy Fair (and other places...) are on the 2009 page.
- Earlier releases can be found in the 'New releases - Archive' . 

Rietze - December 2008/1
51310 Opel Vivaro (2006) bus 'Bereitschaftspolizei Thüringen'
51628 Volkswagen T5 Transporter LWB bus 'FFW Saalfelden'
51640 Volkswagen T5 Transporter bus 'MVG-Unfallhilfswagen, München'
51654 Volkswagen T5 Transporter LWB bus 'Zoll, Nürnberg'
51655 Volkswagen T5 Transporter High roof, lwb bus 'DRK KV Herzogtum Lauenburg'
51663 Volkswagen T5 Transporter Medium roof, LWB bus 'DRK Babynotarzt' (Einsat-series, ltd.ed.500)
60855 Iveco Stralis (2007) tractor/trailer 'Keepcool Transport AG'
60857 Iveco Stralis (2007) tractor/trailer 'PEKAES'
61210 Iveco Magirus LF20/16 'Feuerwehr Marktheidenfeld'
61432 Setra S 315 NF 'imagine'
61562 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Wietmarscher RTW 'Brandweer'
64343 MAN Lion's Coach L 'Arzt Reisen'
65462 MAN NL 'Omnibusbetrieb E. Schwarz'
66282 MAN Lion's City 2-door 'Die Post'
66283 MAN Lion's City 3-door 'Verkehrsbetriebe St. Gallen'
66324 Mercedes-Benz Travego M 'BEX'
66546 Mercedes-Benz Citaro E4 'Transavold' 
66946 Mercedes-Benz Citaro 'Tub' 

Brochure here (.pdf file) 

Rietze - December 2008/2 
51371 Renault Trafic bus 'THW Dettenheim'
51515 Ford Transit (2006) bus 'Feuerwehr Baiersdorf'
51649 Volkswagen T5 Transporter bus 'FFW Thal'
51651 Volkswagen T5 Transporter bus 'Croix-Rouge, Rettungshundestaffel'
51653 Volkswagen T5 Transporter bus 'Feuerwehr Amberg'
51658 Volkswagen T5 Transporter bus 'Notarzt DRK, Heppenheim'
60846 Iveco Stralis tractor/trailer 'Hövelmann Logistik'
60856 Iveco Stralis (2007) tractor 'Spedition Brunner' (Ltd.Ed.500)
61950 Volkswagen Crafter Wietmarscher RTW 'Aicher Ambulance Union' (New tooling)
61951 Volkswagen Crafter Wietmarscher RTW 'Malteser Nürnberg' (New tooling)
62730 Neoplan Centroliner E 'Alpina Bad Homburg'
63428 Neoplan Euroliner 'THW' (Einsatz-series, Ltd.Ed.500)
65277 MAN NG 'MVG München-Adelholzener'
65561 MAN Lion's Coach Supreme L 'Sachsen-Anhalt-Tours'
66534 Mercedes-Benz Citaro Ü E4 'VER' (New tooling)
66628 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G E4 4-door 'Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe'
67318 MAN Lion's City DD (DL05) 'BVG/Fliegende Pillen'
67702 MAN Lion's City DD (DL07) 'BVG/E wie einfach'

Hotwheels 1/87 - announced for 2009
’40 Ford Drag Truck
’41 Willys
’55 Chevy® Panel
’62 Chevy®
1966 Batmobile™
’67 Pontiac® GTO®
’69 Mustang
’70 Dodge HEMI® Challenger
’70 Plymouth Superbird
Custom ’64 Ford Galaxie
Custom ’67 Mustang
Dairy Delivery®
Ferrari F430 Challenge
Ford GTX1
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept
Honda Civic Si
Midnight Otto™
Purple Passion®
Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe®

More information here (scroll down about 2/3 of the page).

Rietze - November 2008 
11510 Volkswagen T5 van, long wheelbase (New tooling)
11511 Volkswagen T5 van, long wheelbase (New tooling)
11512 Volkswagen T5 bus, high roof, long wheelbase (New tooling)
11513 Volkswagen T5 van, high roof, long wheelbase (New tooling)
11514 Volkswagen T5 bus, long wheelbase (New tooling)
21510 Volkswagen T5 bus, long wheelbase, metallic (New tooling)
21511 Volkswagen T5 van, long wheelbase, metallic (New tooling)
21512 Volkswagen T5 bus, high roof, long wheelbase, metallic (New tooling)
21513 Volkswagen T5 van, high roof, long wheelbase, Van metallic (New tooling)
21514 Volkswagen T5 bus, long wheelbase, metallic (New tooling)
50788 Volkswagen Sharan 'Kantonspolizei Graubünden'
51644 Volkswagen T5 bus, short wheelbase 'Grenzwache'
60849 Iveco Stralis tractor/trailer 'Spedition Chr. Carstensen'
60850 Iveco Stralis (2007) tractor/trailer 'Böttcher Transporte'
65031 Neoplan Cityliner (2007) 'Hoffer Reisen'
66274 MAN Lion's City 'MVG'
66318 Mercedes-Benz Travego M 'Block Reisen'
66525 Mercedes-Benz Citaro E4 'ASTA/Sparkasse Aschaffenburg'
66653 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G E4 'Transports Publics Genevois'
67205 MAN Lion's City G 'Oberhavel Verkehrsgesellschaft'
67507 BVG DN95 'BVG/Berliner Sparkasse'

Takara/Tomy - September 2008
Nissan GT-R
- Nissan 240Z
- Mazda RX7(FD)
- Mazda Cosmo

All as slot-cars in 1/87, more on their website

Rietze - October 2008 
51335 Seat Altea 'Brandweer Hengelo'
51511 Ford Transit (2006) 'Politie Brussel'
51513 FORD Transit (2006) 'ASB KV Orsenhausen/Biberach' (Einsatz-series, ltd.ed.500)
51634 Volkswagen T5 bus 'Katastrophenschutz Darmstadt'
51645 Volkswagen T5 bus MTW 'FFW Eschbach'
65025 Neoplan Cityliner (2007) 'Vienna Airportlines'
65313 Neoplan Skyliner 'Janssen Reisen Wittmund'
65722 Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor/trailer 'Spedition Bork'
66245 MAN Lion's City GL 'SVP-Stadtwerke Pforzheim' (new tooling)
66276 MAN Lion's City CNG 'BVG/GASAG'
66280 MAN Lion's City 'MVG/125 Jahre ÖPNV in Mainz'
67200 MAN Lion's City G CNG 'Liechtenstein Bus' (new tooling)

Rietze - announcement
The following models will not be produced:
11600 Volkswagen Transporter T5 pickup/doublecab
11650 Volkswagen Transporter T5 pickup
21600 Volkswagen Transporter T5 pickup/doublecab. metallic
21650 Volkswagen Transporter T5 pickup, metallic
61561 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Wietmarscher RTW 'ASB Orsenhausen-Schwendi'
63538 MAN Lion's Coach 'Reisedienst Killer'
66000 Goppel Maxi-Train
66720 Neoplan Starliner 2 'Job Tours, Essen'
66820 Niesmann + Bischoff CLOULiner 990 

Herpa - July/August 2008
023979 BMW 1-series convertible
033978 BMW 1-series convertible, metallic
023986 BMW Z1
033985 BMW Z1, metallic
023993 Audi A3 convertible
033992 Audi A3 convertible, nmetallic
024006 Audi 90 coupé (Hightech)
034005 Audi 90 coupé (Hightech), metallic
047791 BMW 5-series 'Berufsfeuerwehr München'
047807 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV3 van 'Polizei'
047814 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NCV3 pickup w/load
047821 BMW 3-series stationwagon 'Polizei Erfurt'
047838 Volkswagen Crafter w/Fahrtec ambulancebody 'Feuerwehr'
047845 Mercedes-Benz G 'Feuerwehr Stuttgart'
047852 Mercedes-Benz Vito 'Feuerwehr Itzehoe'
047869 Mercedes-Benz Atego truck 'Feuerwehr'
052702 Wheelsets (12) for Meusburger trailer, chromed
076298 Trailer for containers
121088 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH truck/trailer 'MM Transporte' (PC)
121095 MAN TGX XXL tractor/trailer 'Steinle/Voith'
154680 Scania R Topline tractor/refrigerated trailer 'De Waal'
154697 Scania R Highline tractor/trailer 'DHL'
154703 DAF XF 105 SpaceCab 2-axle tractor
154710 MAN TGX XXL tractor/trailer 'Playmobil'
154727 DAF XF 105 SuperSpaceCab tractor.refrigerated trailer 'Wirtz Iberia'
154734 MAN TGX XXL V8 2-axle tractor
154741 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH tractor/trailer 'Schreglmann'
154758 Roman Diesel 3-axle dumptruck
154765 Mercedes-Benz Actros LH tractor/containertrailer 'Cosco'
154772 MAN TGS M garbagetruck 'Alba Berlin'
154789 DAF XF105 SpaceCab tractor/trailer 'Proloxx'
154796 MAN F90 tractor/silotrailer 'Wandt'
154802 Scania R Topline tractor/trailer 'Girlinger'
154819 Volvo FH Globetrotter XL tractor/trailer 'Bender'
154826 MAN TGX XXL tractor w/Nooteboom Teletrailer 'Geertrans'
154833 MAN TGX XXL tractor/silotrailer 'Hollenhorst'
154840 DAF CF tractor/trailer 'Haribo/Maoam'
154857 MAN F2000 heavy haulage tractor/trailer 'Riwatrans'
154864 Mercedes-Benz SK `94 tractor/containertrailer 'Riwatrans' w/2x20 ft. tankcontainers
154895 MAN F2000 streetsweeper 'Max Wild'
154901 Volvo FH Globetrotter XL tractor 'Max Wild'
154918 Scania T tractor w/Goldhofer TU3 trailer 'Circus Krone'
154925 Scania 142 tractor 'Circus Krone'
289528 Herpa 30 Years Set w/Ford Transcontinental, Volvo F10 and Mercedes-Benz NG tractors
289511 Herpa 30 Years Set w/Ford Capri, Porsche 924, BMW 6-series, Opel Ascona Voyage, Volkswagen Scirocco

Athearn - September 2008
(Source: 87thScale.info messageboard)
Ford 'C' short pumper
91871 County Fire #11
91872 Truck Company #29
91873 Fire Protection District #197
91874 County Fire #8
91875 Tri-State Volunteer #10
91876 Fire Rescue #2
Kenworth Wrecker
91933 Rob's Towing
91930 Orange Tow
91934 General Towing
91931 Dynamic Rescue
91935 Sunnyvale Towing
91932 Metro Tow & Recovery
1955 Ford F-100 pickup
26458 Union Supply
26461 Mountain Lumber Co.
26459 Valley Citrus Packers
26462 Valley Growers
26460 Champion Packing Co.
26463 Liberty Feed
Mack B single-axle tractor w/40ft exterior-post trailer
70985 Canadian Pacific
70986 Missouri Pacific
70987 Pennsylvania
70988 Roadway
70989 Santa Fe