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Codelist of materials:

Code Material
PIC-R Plastic, injection moulded, coloured - ready made
PIC-R(S) Plastic, injection moulded, coloured - ready made (slotcar)
PIC-R(R) Plastic, injection moulded, coloured - ready made (radio controlled)
PIC-K Plastic, injection moulded, coloured - kit
PIT-R Plastic, injection moulded, transparent - ready made
PIT-K Plastic, injection moulded, transparent - kit
PNV-K Plastic, white or transparent, vac-formed - kit
PWC-K Plastic, white, CNC-milled, kit
MDC-R Metal, die-cast - ready made
MDC-R(S) Metal, die-cast - ready made (slotcar)
MDC-K Metal, die-cast - kit
MSC-R Metal, solid-cast - ready made
MSC-K Metal, solid-cast - kit
MSP-R Metal, spin-cast - ready made
MSP-K Metal, spin-cast - kit
EC-R Epoxy (Resin), clear - ready made
EC-K Epoxy (Resin), clear - kit
POR-R(a) Polyester Resin with added aluminium powder - readymade, 
PYE-R Polyurethane (Resin), yellow - ready made
PYE-K Polyurethane (Resin), yellow - kit
PGY-R Polyurethane (Resin), grey - ready made
PGY-K Polyurethane (Resin), grey - kit
PGR-R Polyurethane (Resin), green - ready made
PGR-K Polyurethane (Resin), green - kit
PRE-R Polyurethane (Resin), red - ready made
PRE-K Polyurethane (Resin), red - kit
PTR-R Polyurethane (Resin), transparent - ready made
PTR-K Polyurethane (Resin), transparent - kit
PWH-R Polyurethane (Resin), white - ready made
PWH-K Polyurethane (Resin), white - kit
PCO-R Polyurethane (Resin), coloured - ready made
PCO-K Polyurethane (Resin), coloured - kit
PCW-U Plaster, Cast, White - Unpainted
PCW-R Plaster, Cast, White - Ready-made

Codelist of packing:

Code Box type
P01 Plastic / cellon
P02 Plastic with cardboard inlay
P03 Plastic bag
P04 Plastic bag with cardboard insert / backing
BC1 Blister with carboard back
C01 Cardboard box
C02  Cardboard box with plastic window
PC01 PC type of packing with cardboard outer box
PC02 Same as PC01 but with cardboard outer box with top cutout
PC03 Same as PC01 but with an additional card with technical data
PC04 Same as PC01 but with cardboard outer box with top and front cutout
B01 Velvet bag with cardboard outer box (Schuco)
T01 Tin

Furuta (left) and Kyosho (right) 1970 Nissan Skyline GT-R (KPGC10)

Busch - Mercedes-Benz W123 sedan

Busch - Mercedes-Benz GLK-class promotionals