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The 'special' models..  

In addition to the 'standard' series of models listed, there were several models that were issued as specials. The ones we have been able to find are listed on this page.

Ref#  Model  Colour  Notes
2032F    SEAT 1500 Taxi Figueres White + green paint Special edition issued by ARIMAN
2073B    Ford Comet Taxi Barcelona Black + yellow paint -
2073M   Ford Comet Taxi Madrid Black + red paint  -
2073PM   Ford Comet Taxi Palma de Mallorca Black + white paint  -
2073USA    Ford Comet Taxi (Michigan) Black + yellow paint Special edition for the US.
2501    Volkswagen 1200 Policia Green Blue emergency light.
2502   BMW 501 Policia Green  Blue emergency light. Can also be found as BMW 502. 
2519    Ford Fire-brigade with ladder Red 2 blue emergency lights and added accesories.
2520    Ford Fire-brigade with water tank Red Two blue emergency lights.
2521    Jeep Willys Fire-Brigade Red Without emergency lights.
2527   CitroŽn DS 19 Policia Blue  Blue emergency light.
2627   CitroŽn DS 19 Diplomatic Black  Blue emergency light. 
2534  CitroŽn 2CV Van Fire Brigade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights.
No ref#* CitroŽn 2CV "Palau" Brown Special edition for Palau, a hobby shop in Barcelona.
No ref#* Sava van "Palau" Brown Special edition for Palau, a hobby shop in Barcelona.
2535 Fiat 1800 Caravan Fire Brigade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights .
2540    Opel Caravan Ambulance White Blue emergency light.
2542    De Soto Diplomat Policia Green Yellow emergency light.
2642    De Soto Diplomat Fire Brigade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights.
2543    Plymouth Suburban Fire Brigade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights.
2547    Renault 4L Fire Birgade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights.
2847    Renault 4L Policia Blue Blue emergency light.
2558A  GMC Fire brigade with water tank  Red / without doors Blue emergency light.
2558B   GMC Fire brigade with water tank  Red / with doors Blue emergency light.
2576    CitroŽn DS19 Break Fire Brigade Red Blue or yellow emergency lights.
2776    CitroŽn DS 19 Break Ambulance White Blue or yellow emergency lights.
2577    Rover 3 litres Policia Blue Blue emergency light.
2580   Volkswagen 1500 Policia White Blue emergency light.
2583    Saab 96 Policia Black Red emergency light.
2695   Pegaso with Tank trailer Blue with white trailer Promotional edition for the new  CAMPSA livery.

* The CitroŽn 2CV and the Sava Van in brown with logos of the Barcelona hobbyshop "Palau" were made as a test for a special anniversary model for Palau's 50th anniversary in 1985. Palau decided to use the Ibertren Mercedes-Benz 406D instead and the EKO models are rare and very hard to find. 

EKO_Palau-1.jpg (15081 bytes) EKO_Palau-2.jpg (15106 bytes) EKO_Palau-3.jpg (29572 bytes)
Sava van "Palau"

Airplane kits

Although this site is dedicated to vehicle models in (and close to) 1/87 scale we have decided to list the following series of 1/150 scale airplane modelkits made by EKO because they are a very rare sight and the information might be of use to EKO collectors. The EKO aircraft kits appeared on the market around 1978 and are probably the only kits EKO ever issued. Besides being released as kits, the models have (in Spain at least) also been available ready-made. The kits and models seem to have disappeared from the market in 2002/2003. 

At least the following models have been made, but this list is not necessarily complete yet...

Ref# Model
5001  North American F-100C 'Super Sabre'
5002  Republic F-84F 'Thunderstreak'
5003  Messerschmitt Me-109
5004  Messerschmitt Me-110
5005  Piper Pa-18 'Super Cub'
5006  Junkers Ju-87 'StuKa'
5007  Sikorsky S58
5008  Hawker Hurricane
5009  Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG15
5010  Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX
5011  Boulton-Paul Defiant
5012  SAAB Draken
5013  Hispano HA200A Saeta
5014  Fouga Magister
5015  Republic RC-3 'Seabee'
5016  Fiat G91
5017  Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero
5018  North-American F-86F 'Sabre'
5019  Junkers Ju-88A
5020  Dornier Wal
5021  Douglas DC-3

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