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Models built by Håkan Westergren

Pictured here are a couple of the 1/87 models built by Håkan, text & all pictures © Håkan Westergren.

1. Chevy Monte Carlo. This car is based on my friend Harris' real life car, same primered areas and flat black front. It is naturally built on a Monogram/Herpa Buick, with CMW wheels and modified front and rear. The rear view mirrors are scratch built, they took at least twelve working hours to sculpt... If anyone knows where to source some proper, red "Monte Carlo SS" stickers for me, I would be most grateful.

2. Chevy Nova. This is based on a Magnuson kit sent to me by Chester Fesmire (cheers!), which I hollowed out and spray painted. This is my first airbrush job, so the finish is not quite as smooth as I would like. Some reshaping of the body work include new headlights, a reworked rear panel, taillights and side marker lights made out of chrome BMF and Krystal Kleer, new doorhandles etc. The interior is scratchbuilt, overly ambitious (including a Hurst shifter) considering how little is still visible through the new windows, made from clear plastic. The windshield was formed using a hairdryer and LOTS of clear plastic. Wheels are from the Euro Modell Pininfarina Mythos. Finally, a new exhaust and a homemade rear view mirror, and wipers from Automobilia. (The Ferrari engined Simca on the Automobilia trailer is an 18 month old project, which I may one day finish. If I do I will send more pics.)

3. VW T3 DoKa. This car started as a military Roco, I only built it because I had the Herpa Borbets lying around. The purple tone was mixed (Humbrol) to go with the rims. A new bed, a sport steering wheel, tinted rear windows, shaved bumpers, and a new tiny front spoiler go with the lowered ride and the big exhausts made from aluminium foil. This is my first successful spray job :).

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