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(Conversion-)kits with the main focus on cranes, heavy duty and construction equipment.

Catalogue scans

2HS_2004-1.jpg (164266 bytes) 2HS_2004-2.jpg (164029 bytes)
2004 catalogue

Kit listing

Model Material
Trailers and Accessories
Goldhofer THP/ST 4-axle (3m), 17 parts Resin
Goldhofer THP/ST 3-axle (3m), 13 parts Resin
Goldhofer THP/L 4-axle (2.75m), 17 parts Resin
Goldhofer THP/L 3-axle (2.75m), 13 parts Resin
Goldhofer THP cover panels Plastic
Goldhofer THP gooseneck Resin
Goldhofer THP towing adapter Resin
Goldhofer THP/Scheuerle coupler heads, 2 pieces Resin
Goldhofer THP bolting set, 2 parts Resin
Scheuerle Intercombi 2-axle (3m), 12 parts Resin
Scheuerle Intercombi 3-axle (3m), 16 parts Resin
Scheuerle Intercombi 4-axle (3m), 22 parts Resin
Scheuerle Intercombi 5-axle (3m), 26 parts Resin
Scheuerle Intercombi 6-axle (3m), 31 parts Resin
Scheuerle 6-axle mechanic, conversion kit, 2 parts Resin
Cover panels for Kibri Scheuerle-Roller, 20 parts Resin
Scheuerle 300t deck (Mayer prototype) Milled/resin
Tractors and Accessories
Titan Iveco piece for raised cab Resin
Titan MB Actros bumper, 2 parts Resin
Titan MB Actros MP2 bumper, 2 parts Resin
MB SK Allrad bumper, 1 part Resin
MB Actros wheel covers, 2/3 parts Resin
MAN F90 heavy duty bumper Resin
MAN E2000 3t heavy duty bumper Resin
MAN E2000 3t construction site bumper Resin
MAN TGA 3t/5t bumper Resin
Corrugated sheet metal 180/90x135x01mm Resin
Rims for Herpa/Memo tires, 2 pieces Resin
Trilex rims for Herpa tires, 2 pieces Resin
Rims for Kibri tires, 2 pieces Resin
Cranes and Accessories
Liebherr LTM1300 1991-99 conversion kit Milled/resin
Liebherr LTM1400 conversion kit with Liebherr engine Milled/resin
Gottwald AMK200-83 Milled/resin
720t lift structure 4 Point Lift Systems 48A, 22 parts Resin
Construction Equipment
O&K dumper conversion kit Resin/decal/metal
Concrete claw for Atlas 2004, Liebherr 934/954, 8 parts Resin
Scrap claw for Atlas 2004, Liebherr 934/954, 8 parts Resin
Reclining boom for Liebherr 934, 4 parts Resin
Longfront for Liebherr 934, 5 parts Resin
Hydraulic undercarriage for Liebherr 934/954, 4 parts Resin
Trafo-Union transformer Resin
Pipe lid 40 or 50mm Resin
Reducing piece 50 to 40mm Resin
Pipe end 28mm Resin
Pipe end 14mm Resin
Wind turbine blade with 2 transport racks Resin

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