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Antonio Adamuz

This Spanish artisan has released several models already, all are made in brass and are extremely limited editions. Interested collectors can contact Antonio Adamuz at: a.adamuz@vodafone.es (questions in spanish or french only !). Or you can send an e-mail to Albert@87thScale.info

The first model is the is the Pegaso 2011A tractor, which consists of 88 parts. The body, chassis and interior are made in brass, the glazing and the rear lights are made from acetate and the headlights are made in glass. Small details like wipers, doorhandles and the frame of the frontlights are nickel plated. The Pegaso 2011A is a limited edition of 40 units, all of them numbered. The model was made in white, yellow and red.

01 Pegaso 2011A front.JPG (80952 bytes)

05 Pegaso 2011A parts.JPG (100049 bytes)

02 Pegaso 2011A rear.JPG (73233 bytes)

The second model is a Pegaso 1061A with a load of logs. This model consists of 90 parts (not counting the logs). The body, chassis and interior of this model is also made of brass. The glazing and the rear lights are again made from acetate, and the headlights are glass. The detail parts (wipers, door handles and the frame of the frontlights) are nickel plated. The logs (between 15 and 20) are, ofcourse, real wood. This models was made in an even smaller edition of 25 units which were also all numbered.

06 Pegaso 1061A troncos frontal.JPG (211592 bytes)

10 Pegaso 1061A troncos 3-1.JPG (97049 bytes)

09 Pegaso 1061A troncos rear.JPG (118890 bytes)

Both models feature tires made of natural rubber, and the spare wheels are operative. Licenseplates, limited speed indicators and other details are waterslide decals.

In July 2004, Mr. Adamuz released his third model, this time the Pegaso 2040 3-axle tractor which was originally equipped with a 260 HP engine. The miniature has two fuel tanks, one on each side of the chassis, this was an option that was available on the 1:1 Pegaso.The model consists of 96 different parts and is, again, made out of brass and copper. It also has natural rubber tyres and acetate glazing like the other models. This models edition was extremely small, only 15 units have been made.

Adamuz_Pegaso2040-1.jpg (31076 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso2040-4.jpg (18370 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso2040-2.jpg (35759 bytes)

In October 2004 we received these pictures of the 4-axle Pegaso 1066 and the 3-axle Pegaso 1063 in 'Michelin' livery.

The Pegaso 1066 has 83 different parts and comes without the platform. The model pictured with platform is a study of how a load platform would look. The colour of this model is the original Pegaso white, which is not a pure white.

Adamuz_Pegaso1066-A.jpg (28522 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso1066-B.jpg (17952 bytes)

The Pegaso 1063 in 'Michelin' livery is an exclusive one-off which is not for sale at this moment. The model consists of 90 parts and both box and cabin are made of silver instead of brass.

Adamuz_Pegaso1063-A.jpg (25037 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso1063-B.jpg (18192 bytes)

In July 2004 Mr. Adamuz was kind enough to send us 'in progress' pictures of another model, the Pegaso 1063 tanker. Besides this model Mr. Adamuz is also working on a concrete transporter and a Pegaso 1061 tanker.

Adamuz_Pegaso1063-1.jpg (27058 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso1063-2.jpg (22992 bytes)

In February 2005 we received pictures of Mr. Adamuz next models, a Pegaso 2040 with trailer made of Evergreen plastic, a Pegaso 1061 Campsa tanktruck (101 different parts), a Pegaso 1063 Campsa tanktruck (115 parts, notice the different tank) and a Pegaso 1066 'Transportes Jose' with a box made of Evergreen plastic.

Pegaso1061_Campsa.jpg (33011 bytes) Pegaso1063_Campsa.jpg (27419 bytes) Pegaso1066_Jose.jpg (25905 bytes) Pegaso2040-1.jpg (25605 bytes) Pegaso2040-2.jpg (13648 bytes) Adamuz_diorama.jpg (50001 bytes)

In March 2005 we received the following pictures, the white tractor is a Pegaso 2010 which may look similar to the 2011 tractor but note the small differences like bumper, chassis tanks, exhaust and spare wheel. The other picture show a new project in progress, a Pegaso 1065. 

Adamuz_Pegaso2010-1.jpg (21942 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso2010-2.jpg (22514 bytes) Adamuz_Pegaso1065.jpg (24069 bytes)

In November 2005 we received pictures of Mr. Adamuz latest models, the Pegaso Europe in both a tractor and a rigid chassis version.

adamuz_europa-2.jpg (30354 bytes) adamuz_europa-1.jpg (23814 bytes) adamuz_europa-3.jpg (28270 bytes)

January 2006 brought a new addition to the series, this time a Pegaso 1063 in chassis/cab version..

Adamuz_1063-chassis-1.jpg (24881 bytes) Adamuz_1063-chassis-2.jpg (22206 bytes)

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