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The Bub Toy Company was founded in 1851 in Nuremberg by Paulus Bub. At that time, Nuremberg was the center of German toymakers. The Bub company made simple toys in the beginning and only switched to high quality tinplate cars and trains from about 1900. During the economically difficult years after WWI, the company went bankrupt, but soon emerged and began producing diecast models for which the moulds were partly obtained from Bing, another famous German toymaker that went bankrupt in the 1930s. 

Bub's production facilities in Nuremberg were destroyed during WWII, and after the war the company struggled to recapture its earlier successes by creating the popular tinplate 'Bubmobil' and several electric trains. During the 1950s however, the company made a strategic error by not switching its production from diecast and tinplate toys and models to plastic. By the early 1960s Bub was forced to close down its operations.

In the 1930s, when modeltrains were very popular throughout Europe, the Bub company was among the first companies producing die-cast accessories for model trains. Among these accessories, there was a series of approximately 1/80 scale die-cast models.

We have found the following models sofar:

Ref# Model Length Colours
KB? KdF-wagen (VW Beetle predecessor) 6 cm blue, red, green, brown
KB3 ? (small two-door convertible, open) 6 cm brown
KB5 ? (two-door coupe) 6 cm blue, green
KB6 ? (large two-door convertible, open) 9 cm blue, black, red

BUB Classics

First presented at the 2002 Nuremberg toyfair, the first re-issued models should now be available on the market. The new 'BUB Classics' series in 1/87 have a body produced from diecast, and a chassis made from tin. All items in this new series will be from the 1950s and 1960s.

The following models have been released sofar:

Ref# Model Colours
06100 VW Beetle dark red
06101 VW Beetle dark green, 'Polizei' print
06500 VW Transporter (type T1) lightblue
06510 VW Transporter (type T1) orange, 'Dunlop' print
06560 VW Transporter (type T1) red, 'Feuerwehr' print
06801 Mercedes-Benz L319 van green
06900 Mercedes-Benz L319 + VW Transporter darkblue, set 

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