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John Day Models
Information & pictures: Maz Woolley/Crispin Day


John Day's Vehicle Scenics range consists of 1/76 white metal kits which were available by mail order from John Day or via an agent (Woodpecker) in Australia. He has also advertised the ability to supply made up kits from time to time. John Day's involvement in modelling was long running since he was one of the pioneers of artisan produced 1/43 white metal racing and sports car kits in the 1970s. He re-appeared on the scene later on and focused on vehicles to accompany popular railway modelling eras in the UK. After John Day passed away in the Summer of 2006 the models seemed to have disappeared from the market. Fortunately, in February 2007 John's son Crispin e-mailed us and told us that the models will be back on the market soon, he is currently restocking and plans to release a number of new models in Spring 2007. 

The kits can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at the following adress:

John Day Models
8 St Aidanís Road
East Dulwich
London SE22 0RP
United Kingdom

Ref# 70 - Riley 1.5 RMA Saloon

The Vehicle Scenics models are generally of simple construction although some of the larger commercials are slightly more complex. They are circa 1/76th scale and cast in white metal. The cars generally in the following format: one-piece body shell; chassis with seats and wheels and sometimes figures cast in (note: generally no dashboard or steering wheel); and a vacform for the windows. The range covers a wide period of British Motoring history.

Kit listing:

Ref# Model Year
RRV001 Commer N (with LNER decals) -
RRV002 Dennis Type 96 (with LMS decals) -
RRV003 Karrier (with GWR decals) -
RRV004 Karrier (with SR decals) -
RRV005 Morris Commercial (with LMS decals) -
RRV006 Fordson B (with LNER decals) -
RRV007 Fordson B (with GWR decals) -
RRV008 Bedford (with SR SR decals) -
RRV009 Commer Q25 (with LNER decals) -
RRV016 Commer Q25 (with British Rail decals) -
SRV01 Rover 75 P4  1949-52
SRV02 Ford Squire  1955-61
SRV03 Riley 2.5 DHC  1948-51
SRV04 Morris 6 MS  1948-53
SRV05 Austin 12  1930-32
SRV06 Humber 16/50  1930-33
SRV07 BMW 327 Cabrio  1938-41
SRV08 Ford 4 seat Tourer  1933-36
SRV09 Ford 7V LWB dropside  1937-49
SRV10 Seddon MK7 Flatbed  1950-59
SRV11 Austin K8 Van  1947-55
SRV12 Morris Oxford MO  1948-54
SRV13 Wolseley 6/80  1948-54
SRV14 Daimler Conquest  1953-56
SRV15 Austin Welfarer Ambulance  1948-55
SRV16 Austin 12 Seat Bus  1948-55
SRV17 Land Rover Fire Tender  (Sold Out) 1947-55
SRV18 Land Rover Breakdown  (Sold Out) 1947-55
SRV19 Ford 7V SWB Dropside ?
SRV20 Austin A50 Pickup  1957-70
SRV21 Ford 302E Van  1954-61
SRV22 Singer Gazelle Estate 1958-60
SRV23 Jaguar 1.5 Litre  1937-49
SRV24 Sunbeam Rapier Saloon  1958-59
SRV25 Austin A35 Saloon  1956-59
SRV26 ? ?
SRV27 Morris 8 Saloon  1935-37
SRV28 Morris 8 Van  1935-39
SRV29 Austin 6 Van  1930-33
SRV30 ? ?
SRV31 ? ?
SRV32 Ford 7V SWB Flatbed  1937-49
SRV33 Ford Y Van  1933-37
SRV34 ? ?
SRV35 ? ?
SRV36 Ford Y Saloon  1932-37
SRV37 Austin A40 Farina  1958-61
SRV41 ERF KV 4/4 Flatbed  ?
SRV42 Ford V8 Pilot  1947-52
SRV43 Ford Popular  1953-59
SRV44 Seddon Mk7 Refuse Truck  1950-59
SRV45 Austin K8 Flatbed  1947-55
? Ford BBE 6-wheeler  1935-37
? Austin K8 Loose Tilt  1947-55
SRV46 Austin A50 Van  1957-62
SRV47 Ford 'Tug' with D/side Trailer  1935-37
SRV48 Ford 7V Street Washer  1937-49
SRV49 Ford 7V Box Van ?
SRV50 Morris Minor MM  1948-50
SRV51 Bedford WHB 14 seat Bus ?
SRV52 Morris 8 Series E  1938-48
SRV53 Ford BBE 2 Ton Van  1935-38
SRV54 Bedford WLG  1935-39
SRV55 Ford Consul Mk I  1950-56
SRV56 Wolseley 18/85 Saloon ?
SRV57 Hillman Minx Phase I DHC  1939-47
SRV58 Humber Super Snipe II/III ?
SRV59 Commer Centaur B40  1933-35
SRV60 Bedford WLG  1931-35
SRV61 Austin 8 4 Door  1939-47
SRV62 Morris Commercial C11/40F ?
SRV63 Sunbeam Talbot  1950-54
SRV64 Ford Transit Mk I  1965-71
SRV65 Austin A70 Hereford  1950-54
SRV66 Austin K8 12 Seat Coach  1948-55
SRV67 Humber Pullman Ambulance  1952-58
SRV68 Bedford WS 30cwt Tipper  1931-35
SRV69 Vauxhall Wyvern  1948-51
SRV70 Riley 1.5 RMA Saloon (pictured above) ?
SRV71 Bedford WS Parcel Van   1931-35
SRV72 Standard Vanguard Phase III  1955-58
SRV73 Standard 8  1953-59
SRV74 Bedford WHG Flatbed  1935-39
SRV75 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley  1949-54
SRV76 Bedford WLG Horsebox  1931-35
SRV77 Bedford WLG Refuse Truck  1931-35
SRV78 Morris Commercial LC5  1953-60
SRV79 Austin 16HP  1939-47
SRV80 Bedford BYC 12cwt Van  1934-39
SRV81 Jowett Bradford Van  1947-53
SRV82 Jowett Javelin  1947-53
SRV83 ? ?
SRV84 Jowett Bradford Utility  1947-53
SRV85 Morris Commercial 12/3 Van  1950-55
SRV86 Morris Commercial NVS 13/5 Dropside  1953-60
SRV87 Jowett Bradford 10cwt Lorry  1947-53
SRV88 Standard 8 Van  1954-60
SRV89 Standard 10 Pickup  1953-59
SRV90 Humber Vogue  1935-37
SRV91 Austin A105 Westminster Saloon  1956-59
SRV92 Singer Super Twelve  1937-39
SRV93 Hillman Californian Coupe  1953-56
SRV102 Ford Zephyr Mk.1   1951-56
SRV109 Morris Minor MM Tourer  1948-53
TRV01 Ford Transit Mk I SWB Petrol Crew Bus (with decals for British Rail/Wimpey) ?
TRV02 Ford Transit Mk I SWB Motor Caravan with side hinged roof extension ?
TRV03 Ford Transit Mk I SWB Diesel Van (with decals for British Rail/Wimpey) ?









Above: Ref#24 - Sunbeam Rapier Saloon

Right: Ref #61 - Austin 8 4-door

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