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ABS Streetscene Series 4mm

"OO" / 1/76 scale whitemetal kits:

Steam Power

Ref# Type
Allchin Traction Engine
Fowler Showmans Engine B6
Burrell Showmans Engine 1914
Burrell Road Locomotive 1918
Foden Type D Tractor 1925
Foden Type C Lowsided Lorry
Foden 6t 3-way Tipper 1925
Foden K 6wh 12t Tipper 1925
Foden K 6wh GWR Lowsided
Foden K 6wh GWR Winch

Horse Power                                                                   TOP

Ref# Type
Whitbread Horse Dray
3 Horse Bus "Omnibus"
4 Horse Mail coach
Horse Tram "The People"
Horse Tram "L.C.C."

Coaches and Saloons                                                   TOP

Ref# Type
Bristol/Alexander Y coach
Plaxton Panorama 1
AEC Regal/Willowbrook coach
R181 Leyland Lion PLSC1 F/E
R184 Albion Valkyrie/Burlingham 1/2 canopy
R186 Bedford OWB open top
R188 Bristol Rell S/D Mk I
R190 Dennis Domino/Optare
R191 Leyland Lion PLSC1 R/E
R193 Alexander Y coach
R194 AEC Regal 111/Burlingham halfcab
R195 Leyland Tiger TS8/ROE
R196 Green Line Leyland "TF"
R198 Bristol Rell D/D Mk I
R200 L.T. "GS" Guy N/C bus
R201 L.T. "LTL" Scooter bus
R204 L.T. "RF" Modernised G/L
R205 Plaxton Supreme 1V C/D
R206 Willowbrook Spacecar
R207 Bristol ECW "RELH" C47F
R208 Bristol Alexander "M"
R211 Leyland Lion PLSC1 D/D
R212 Bristol "LS" Royal Blue
R213 Bristol "LS" Touring
R214 Burlingham Seagull C/E
R215 Bedford/Duple "OB" coach
R216 Ford Strachan minibus
R217 Duple Dominant 10m C/D
R218 Bristol Rell S/D Mk II
R219 BET 1958 Willowbrook
R220 Bedford/Duple "SB"
R223 Bristol Rell open top
R225 BET 1964 Willowbrook
R226 Bristol ECW "RELH" 11m
R227 AEC Weymann Ald & Dist
R230 AEC Willowbrook Regal 3 bus
R231 Leyland Lion PLSC3 R/E
R232 Bristol Duple Royal Blue
R233 Dominant 11m G/D
R234 Dominant 11m C/D
R235 Plaxton Supreme V C/D
R236 Dominant 10m Executive
R237 Plaxton Supreme 11mC/D
R238 Duple Dominant 11m G/D
R239 Duple Dominant 11m C/D
R241 Leyland Lion PLSC3 LMS
R242 Bristol Plaxton 35S "LHS"
R243 L.T. "RF" original body
R245 Daimler COG6/ROE BET
R246 L.T. Ford Transit Minibus
R248 Bristol Rell D/D Mk II
R249 Plaxton Supreme 1V G/D
R250 Supreme 11m National C/D
R251 Leyland Lion PLSC3 D/D
R253 Alexander Y bus
R254 Leyland Tiger PS2 B/Mouth
R255 National Supreme 11m G/D
R256 Leyland Sherpa Minibus
R257 Plaxton 2 coach 11m G/D
R258 Bristol Rell S/D Mk III
R259 Leyland Leopard/ECW C/D
R260 Bristol/ECW SC4LK
R261 Bedford Utility "OWB"
R262 Leyland Cub Central Area
R263 Leyland Cub Country Area
R264 L.T. "10T10" Greenline
R265 L.T. "10T10" Central Area
R268 Bristol Rell D/D Mk III
R269 Leyland Leopard/ECW G/D
R270 Bristol L ECW
R271 Bristol L ECW half cab G/C
R272 Bristol L ECW half cab R/C
R273 Maudslay ML3 half cab GWR
R274 Maudslay ML3 half cab G/C
R275 Maudslay ML3 half cab R/C
R276 Maudslay ML3 1/2 canopy R/C
R277 Maudslay ML3 1/2 canopy G/C
R281 Bristol L Express half cab G/C
R282 Bristol L Express half cab R/C
R290 Dennis Ace/ECW
R291 AEC/Duple "Q" Royal Blue
R292 Bristol JJW Royal Blue
R293 AEC Regal 1 Royal Blue
R294 Daimler CF6/Duple R/Blue

Double Deckers                                                              TOP

Ref# Type
L.T. "STL" Central Area
L.T. "STL" Country Area
AEC Weymann Regent 111
L.T. "STL" F/E Chiswick
R308 L.T. "STL" F/E Weymann
R309 AEC Regent 3 open top
R310 L.T. AEC/Weymann "RLH"
R312 Tilling "ST"
R313 Birch Bros. Interurban
R314 L.T. "MD" Dual Door
R317 L.T. MCW Metrobus D/D
R320 L.T. "LT" Bluebird
R321 Open top R. 318 Daimler
R322 L.G.O.C. "B Type" 1912
R323 Dennis 4t/Dodson open top
R324 Leyland N/Dodson open top
R327 MCW Metrobus S/D
R328 Metropolitan Single Door
R332 L.T. "RT" Central Area
R333 L.T. "RT" Country Area
R334 L.T. "RT" Greenline
R335 L.T. "RT" Craven Body
R336 L.T. "RM" Red Central Area
R337 L.T. "RM" Shillibeer
R338 L.T. "RM" Greenline
R341/2 L.T. "ST" round and square cab with gas producer trailer
R343 L.T. Tilling "ST" open stair
R344 L.T. pre-war "RT" body style
R350 Bristol "K" Lowbridge C
R351 Bristol "K" ECW Lowbridge G/C
R352 Bristol "K" ECW Lowbridge R/C
R353 Bristol "Lodekka" LD G/C 1954
R354 Bristol "Lodekka" LD R/C 1954
R355 Bristol "Lodekka" LD C 1954
R356 Leyland Orion 27' Selnec O/C
R357 Leyland Orion 27' 1954 Lt R
R358 Leyland Orion 27' B.E.T. Dk R
R359 Leyland Orion 27' 1954 C
R360 Bristol "K" Highbridge C
R361 Bristol "K" Highbridge G/C
R362 Bristol "K" Highbridge R/C
R363 Bristol "Lodekka" LD G/C 1956
R364 Bristol "Lodekka" LD R/C 1956
R365 Bristol "Lodekka" LD C 1956
R373 Leyland Atlantean AN68
R375 Leyland Titan TD1 O/Stair
R376 Leyland Titan TD1 L/Bridge
R379 Leyland Atlantean/ROE
R380 Daimler Fleetline/ROE
R383 AEC Regent 3/ROE (Leeds)
R385 Crossley DD42/8-Crossley
R387 AEC Regent 2/Weymann
R388 Daimler COG6/Weymann
R397 Dennis Dominator/Alex "R"
R398 Dennis Dominator 1984 "R"

Commercial and Service Vehicles                                     TOP

Ref# Type
Euclid 50t dump truck
Leyland Boxer builders lorry
Sherpa panel van
R603 Sherpa pickup truck
R604 Atkinson Borderer tractor
R605 Albion 1934 2t box van
R606 Albion lorry 1951
R607 Albion 1934 2t platform lorry
R608 Scammell MH3 & trailer 1933
R609 Scammell MH3 & trailer 1938
R610 Scammell box van trailer
R611 AEC breakdown tender
R613 Commer van "Lyons Tea"
Seddon articulated tractor
R615 Crane Fruehauf 40' trailer
R616 Ford A van "Old Motor"
R617 Ford A van "Ford"
R618 Ford A van "Allenburys"
R620 DAF 38t tractor unit
R622 Leyland open lorry 1923/9
R623 Leyland platform lorry
R624 Leyland tanker lorry
R625 Leyland box van 1923
R626 Commer van "Atco Mowers"
R627 Thornycroft GWR PB platform
R628 Thornycroft GWR PB lowsided
R629 Thornycroft GWR PB slide tilt
R630 Thornycroft GWR PB box van
R631 Ford Transit 1970 "150" van
R632 Ford Transit 1978 "160" van
R633 Morris Minor 1000 van
R634 Morris Marina van
R648 Ford D tractor & box trailer
R649 Ford D tractor & flat trailer
R652 AEC Mercury 1936 overhead maintenance tower wagon
R655 L.T. Bedford/Scammell articulated canteen
R656 L.T. AEC/ex STL tree lopper
Twin pack #R604 + #R615

Military Vehicles                                                              TOP

Ref# Type
Bedford 15cwt MWD 1940
Daimler Dingo scout car 1940
Dodge 3/4t command car 1942
R675 GMC 2.5t open truck 1941
R676 GMC 2.5t covered truck 1941
R680 RAF Leyland covered truck 1916
R681 RAF Leyland open truck 1916
"Old Bill" B type bus 1914

Private Cars and Taxis etc.                                            TOP

Ref# Type
Pre-war caravan
Morris 8 saloon
Austin 16 York 1935
Ford Model Y
R704 Austin 14 Goodwood 1937
R705 Morris 8 Tourer 1934
R706 Wolseley Wasp 1936
R707 Rolls Royce Phantom 111 1937
R708 B.S.A. 10 F/H Coupé 1935
R709 Riley Saloon
R710 S.S. Jaguar 2.5 litre 1936
R711 Rover 16 saloon
R712 Austin 7
R713 Wolseley 6
R714 Ford V8
R715 Morgan 3-wheeler
R716 Post-war Austin Taxi
R717 Morris 8 Tourer closed
Twin pack #R700 + #R714

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