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ADV Mini
Additional information received from: Gabriel Oneglia


Limited series of resin kits of military equipment in 1/72nd scale.

Kit listing:

Ref# Model
72001 VAB VTT 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier w/7,62mm machine gun
72002 VAB 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (ambulance version)
72003 VAB 4x4 wheeled anti-tank vehicle 'Mephisto'
72004 VAB 6X6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier
72005 AMX 10 RC 6x6 w/105mm gun
72006 Panhard VBL 4x4
72007 AMX 30 B2 tank
72008 Panhard ERC 90 Sagaie
72009 VAB 4x4 wheeled armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicle
72010 AMX 10 RC armoured 'IFOR'
72011 AMX AuF1 self-propelled 155mm gun
72012 VAB VTT 4x4 wheeled armoured personnel carrier w/12,7mm machine gun
72013 Accessory set (ammo crates, radio, MILAN anti-tank weapon on tripod)
72014 AMX 10 PH tracked armoured personnel carrier
72015 AMX 10 VOA tracked armoured personnel carrier
72016 Peugeot P4
72017 Berliet GBC 8 KT 6x6 cargo
72018 Berliet GBC 8 KT 6x6 tanktruck
72019 French infantry (modern, 10 figures)
72020 Leclerc RT5 tank
72021 French tank crew (10 figures)
72022 French infantry (10 figures)
72023 Panhard VB2L (long chassis)
72024  F2 light bridging system
72025  Ribbon bridge
72026 Ribbon bridge element
72027 AMX 30 tracks 
72028 Panhard VBL w/MILAN anti-tank weapon

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