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Listed below are the models of the first Airfix military series of 1/76 plastic kits.

Ref# Model Alignment
01302 Panther Tank (Panzer V) Germany
01303 M-4 Sherman Mk I Tank USA
01304 Churchill Mk VII Tank Britain
01305 25 Pdr Fieldgun & Quad Britain
01306 75 mm Assault Gun (Sturmgeschütz III) Germany
01307 Josef Stalin III Tank Russia
01308 Tiger I Tank (Panzer VI) Germany
01309 Bren Gun Carrier & 6 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun Britain
01311 Armored Car Sd.-Kfz 234 Germany
01312 GMC-DUKW 353 USA
01313 White Half Truck M3 USA
01314 AEC Matador 4x4 Gun Tractor & 5.5'' Medium Artillery Britain
01315 WW1 Tank Mk I Britain
01316 T34 Tank Russia
01317 M-3 Lee/Grant Tank USA/Britain
01318 Matilda III Tank Britain
01319 Chi-Ha Tank Japan
01320 Scorpion Tank Britain

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