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These vac-formed models, made by Frank Modellbau of Germany, and out of production for years, are starting to become available again. The new owner of the moulds, Simon Modellbau, has rereleased the kits in November 2001.

Please be advised that these kits contain the parts to build a specific model, but don't contain a base model !

Available are:

Kit # Builds
AF-31 Three busses: Opel Blitz bus, MB postbus O10000, MB O2600 bus.
AF-32 Closed covers for 10 convertibles, raised roofs for VW Bus, truck spoilers 
AF-33 Three vehicles: Mercedes citybus 0 10000, Mercedes 0 3750 bus, Mercedes L 25000 with lifting platform.
AF-34 Armoured transporter VW LT35, recreational vehicle Arnold 35S (MB), gliderplane trailer, raised roof for Wiking "Sven Hedin" camper.
AF-35 Parts for lengthening two Mercedes conventionals (Kurzhauber) and a Mercedes cabover (Frontlenker) cab, parts for a  Unimog (TLF 8) pumper, parts for a Mercedes conventional based watercannon (Metz) 
AF-36 Two busses: Büssing 1 1/2 deck bus and Mercedes 0 6600 bus.
AF-38 Opel Blitz bus WWII type simple design, Opel Blitz (LF 15) fire truck, Unimog (VLF) fire truck body, German WWII standard truck cab. (picture  1  2  3  4)

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