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American Limited Models


US manufacturer of injection moulded kits, some of which contain Trucks 'n' Stuff wheels and Microscale decals.

The following kits have been made:

Ref# Model
Framed Tank Containers
7600 Undecorated
7610 Stolt Tank Container, black/silver
7620 Eurotainer, light blue/silver
7630 Transamerica Leasing, dark blue/silver
7640 Santa Fe QTC, dark blue/white
Unframed (Beam) Tank Containers
7510 Union Pacific Bulktainer, dark blue/white
7520 Alaska West Express, dark blue/silver
Tank Container Decals
6210 Stolt Tank Container
6220 Eurotainer
6230 Chemical labels and stencils
Tank Container Highway Chassis
7710 Union Pacific, yellow
7715 Tank Chassis Fender & Walkway Set
7720 UP, SF, Xtra Intermodal, etc, blue
7800 BNSF Tank Container & Chassis kit
7810 Union Pacific Tank Container & Chassis
Box Container Highway Chassis
6230 Container Chassis Decal Set
7730 Union Pacific, OOCL Lines, yellow
7733 UP, OOCL 3 Pack
7740 APL, Maersk, Flexi-van, Genstar, Evergreen, Matson
7743 APL, etc. 3 Pack

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