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PYE-K   Road Test #9

Resin kits, some feature additional details like poseable hood and detailed engine bay with engine.

andrepa kits:

Ref# Model
001 Borgward P100 sedan
001n Borgward P100 sedan
002 Borgward P100 hearse
002n Borgward P100 hearse
003 Borgward P100 ambulance
004 Opel Kapitän P1 sedan
005 Opel Kapitän P1 Miesen ambulance
006 Opel Kapitän P1 Autenrieth coupé
007 Glas V8 coupé
008 Borgward B-555K (cab only)
009 Glas 1700 sedan
013B Borgward Type 59
010 BMW 2000 CS coupé 
011 Borgward B-522 (cab only)
012 Borgward B-522 AK (cab only) 
013 Borgward Traumwagen 1955 
014 Borgward B-522A Metz firetruck
015 Suzuki Katana GSX 750 1100 S
016 Borgward Hansa 1500 RS
017 Alfa-Romeo 2600 Sprint 1962
018l Goliath GP 900 sedan
018cl Goliath GP 900 sedan w/sunroof
018k Goliath GP 900 stationwagon
018p Goliath GP 900 pickup
019 Borgward Isabella 1958
020 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Zagato 

Kits made in cooperation with JMK:

Ref# Model
001A Opel Rekord C Caravan

Opel Kapitän P1 Sedan - built by Jens Müller

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