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PIC-R  Norev

ARI, short for August Riedeler GmbH & Co. KG, was founded around 1864 and originally manufactured dolls and porcelain articles (isolators etc.). After WWII, due to a lack of coal to fire the ovens, it was not possible to re-start the production of porcelain dolls and ARI turned to manufacturing dolls made of vinyl. In the 1960s ARI was looking for possibilities to broaden their line of products and because they had connections in France this resulted in a series of Unic truck models which were partially made from ARI moulds but also from original Norev moulds that ARI acquired. In 1972, after ARI (that was the largest privately owned company in the former German Democratic Republic) was expropriated and the production of truck models was discontinued. ARI, currently called Puppen-Riedeler, still possesses several of the moulds that were used for the production of the Unic models. 

Chassis variations

- ARI models are easily recognized, their tires are made of white PVC which was made of recycled PVC scrap that originated from the production of dolls shoes.

The following models have been available:

Ref# Model
001 Unic Izoard dumptruck
002 Unic Izoard tractor with trailer with tanks
003 Unic Izoard ladder-truck
004 Unic Izoard tractor with cattle-trailer
005 Unic Izoard truck/trailer with tanks
006 Unic Izoard crane-truck
? 2-axle trailer with tank

Unic dumptruck in hard plastic with unusual blue rims

Unic dumptruck in softer plastic and in bigger box

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