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Apart from their boat- and buildingkits Dutch manufacturer Artitec also makes a range of resin models of mostly military prototypes. several models are also available ready-made, check the Artitec website for details.

Kit listing:

Ref# Model
10.204 Carrier tricycle
10.205 Fish and Chips stand
10.223 Bakery tricycle
10.244 Harley Davidson motorcycle
10.244 Triumph motorcycle
10.251 Cattle trailer
10.254 Dairy tricycle
10.258 Luggage trolley
10.259 Luggage trailer for 10.258
60.002 Horse-drawn carriage w/canvas cover
60.003 Horse-drawn carriage, open, w/load
60.004 Small open carriage
60.005 Beer carriage
80.002 Krupp Protze 6x4 light truck
80.045 Horse-drawn ambulance C/95
80.046 Horse-drawn field kitchen Hf. 11/Hf. 13
80.047 Horse-drawn carriage Hf. 1
80.048 SdKfz 231 8-wheeled armoured car
80.049 SdKfz 232 8-wheeled armoured car
80.064 SdKfz 222 4-wheeled armoured car
80.065 SdKfz 223 4-wheeled armoured car
80.068 Horch Kfz.15 4x4 utility vehicle
87.025 Centurion tank 'British Army'
87.026 Centurion tank 'Swiss Army'
87.027 Centurion tank 'Israeli Army'
87.028 Centurion tank 'Dutch Army'
87.029 Tiger II tank, Henschel turret
87.031 Tiger II tank, Porsche turret
87.033 Harley Davidson motorcycel, military version
87.034 Triumph motorcycle, military version
87.035 Somua 1935 S tank
87.036 Sherman A4 tank
87.037 Churchill Mk.VII tank

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