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Atelier Debelleyme


Resin kits with photo-etched parts, made in France.


Ref# Model
HV01 Chenard & Walker van
HV02 Fenwick Hippelec
HV03 Zettelmeyer dumper
HV04 CitroŽn C6 bus
HV05 ? motorcycle
HV06 ? motorcycle w/sidecar
HV07 Renault AEMD bus (1937)
HV08 Peugeot 201C berline (1932)
HV09 Peugeot 201C pickup (1938)
HV10 Peugeot 201C coupe (1938)
HV11 Renault ABG tractor/trailer (1937)
HV12 Renault AFKD truck (1938)
HV13 CitroŽn C4 laddertruck (1930)
HV14 Citroen C6i van (1930)
HV15 Renault ABF van (1934)
HV16 Renault ABF truck (1934)
HV17 Renault ABG truck (1937)
HV18 1-axle cattle-trailer
HV19 1-axle dumptrailer
HV20 Peugeot 601D 
HV21 1-axle trailer for Renault ABG
HV22 ?
HV23 Peugeot 601D convertible
HV24 Peugeot 201 Torpedo
HV25 Peugeot 201 convertible
HV26 Voisin C24 Carene
? Saviem ? Pigeon Voyageur Vetements
HTP01 Poclain TY45 excavator

HV26 - Voisin C24 Carene

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