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Auto Replicas


Background info:

The article below was written by Christian Restier and has been published in 'HO vťhicule International' nį8 of 1988. 'HOVI' no longer exists and we do not know who owns the copyright at the moment. If the copyright holder does not agree with publication, the copyright holder is hereby requested to contact the webmaster of this site.

Auto-replicas came into existence in 1971. This name now means production of miniature automobiles exclusively, as since 1975, BKL - as its known - has been operating in other fields, such as model trains, wargames, etc. 

Mr Barry Lester makes his own moulds, fabricates his own models, has them packed and shipped all over the world. 90% of his production is sold abroad. In addition, GKL works occasionally for other companies, such as Pirate or Bellini, to name but two. The HO-scale range was initiated in 1980 and within two years comprises the present 17 models. All these models are still available. 

For several years, these models were shipped in bulk to Walldorf, who marketed them under their own tradename. This scale, which at the time was rather neglected, to the benefit of the 1:43 and the 1:24 scales, is intended to be increased shortly. The range covers a broad field, and is, due to its origin, very British. The models are made of white metal and the design of the models is not always of top quality; there is for example a world of difference between the dismal GS CitroŽn station wagon and the very attractive Jaguar SS100.

Auto-Replicas Ford Taunus 17m and 17m convertible conversion built by Maz Woolley

Die-cast metal kits. The following have been available:

Ref# Model
8701 Fiat truck  
8702 Jaguar SS100  
8703 CitroŽn GS break  
8704 Ford Taunus 17M  
8705 Volvo PV444  
8706 Mercedes Nurburg  
8707 AC Cobra 427  
8708 Morgan 8  
8709 Porsche 356 Speedster 
8710 Triumph TR6  
8711 Packard V12 roadster  
8712 Chevrolet convertible 1955 
8713 Ford Taunus 12M  
8714 Packard sedan  
8715 MG Midget  
8716 MG TF  
8717 Rolls-Royce saloon  

The pictures of ref# 8703, 8704, 8706, 8707, 8711, 8712, 8713, 8714 and 8717 were scanned from the above mentioned issue of HOVI. 

Auto-Replicas Ford Taunus 12m and 12m police car (conversion) built by Maz Woolley

Jaguar SS100 Mercedes Nurburg

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