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Originally founded in 1833 by Henry Carlisle, the company started with the production of hair ornaments and walking canes. In 1899 Carlisle's firm, which was run by Henry E. Bachmann, merged with a company owned by Henry E.'s father, Henry G. Bachmann, and a younger brother, Walter Bachmann. The company then changed its name to Bachmann Brothers. 

In 1947 Bachmann Bros. released a plastic fence originally intended for decorating Christmas trees, which was adopted by early railway modelers. As soon as Bachmann learned about this they began producing other products for this market which ultimately lead to the Plasticville line of buildings. Bachmann entered the N-scale trains market in 1968, and the H0-scale market in 1970.

In 1981 Kader acquired Bachmann Bros. and changed the company name to Bachmann Industries. Kader used the new brand to expand worldwide by taking over companies in Europe (i.e. Liliput, Graham Farish)  and put them under one single name. By 1992 all manufacturing activities, with the exception of the Plasticsville kits,  were moved to China. The Plasticville kits followed in 1999. 

Currently Bachmann Industries is a Bermuda registered company, based in Hong Kong, specializing in model railroading in scales from N to G. 

Plastic models

- Simple plastic models used as load on autoracks but also sold as a set of six models.

Ref# Model
42206 Sedan / Coupe / Stationwagon, 2 ea. 

- High Railers / Tracksters (powered Maintenance of Way vehicles)

Ref# Model
46201 Pickup truck
46204 Rail Detector Stepvan
46207  1950s 4x4 Willys Jeepster
? Ford van

International Crewbus

Die-cast models

Bachmann sold at least two series of die-cast models made by Shinsei Kogyo under their B-line label.  Shinsei's H.O. Haulers were sold as B-line Truckin' models, the Shinsei Mini Power models as B-line Cranes.

- B-line Cranes (series of eight models)

Ref# Model
? Hitachi crawler crane
? Mitsubishi scraper

- B-line Truckin' (series of ? models)

Ref# Model
? Kenworth tractor/40' containertrailer
? Kenworth tractor w/auto carrier trailer
? GMC tractor/b-train closed bodies
? GMC tractor/b-train tanker
? Peterbilt tractor w/reefer trailer

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