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Burghard Kraft Modelle (BK)
Info & pictures: Ulrich Schmidt


Solid resin models made in the 1980s by Burghard Kraft in Bonn, Germany. Both kits and ready-made models have been available, and were sold at swapmeets and directly from the manufacturer. Approximately 150 ready-made models were made, most of these were sold in Berlin. The models can be identified very easily, they all have 'bk' engraved in the bottom. 

Borgward P100 Bottom with 'BK' logo

The following models have been available:

Ref# Model
? Borgward P100  
? Glas 1700
? Citroen GS
? Simca 1100
? Simca 1100 van
? Simca 1100 pick-up
? Simca Matra Rancho (pix below)

The BK-Modelle Simca Matra Rancho pictured below also forms the basis for US Models US-009 Simca Matra Rancho and it is most likely that it has also been used as basis for the Bucholz G080 Talbot Rancho (from the extensive Rainer Spenner resin-program).

BK Modelle Simca Matra Rancho Bottom with 'BK' logo


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