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Cadum PAX
Additional information received from Christian Hardy


Cadum PAX, a French soapbrand of the 1950-1960's used carmodels as give-aways with their products for advertising purposes. 
The actual manufacturer of the Cadum PAX range of models was a Spanish company called Alsetoy. What we have found sofar are 3 ranges of models in different scales: 1/90th scale without windows, 1/80th scale with open windows but no 'glass' insert and 1/66th scale (luxe) with windows and clear plastic 'glass' insert. Although this last series is out of our scope we have listed them anyway.


Same kind of models as Cadum Pax but with Alsetoy on the chassis instead of Cadum Pax. According to the information we received from Christian Hardy Alsetoy also worked for a company called Vylar, who knows more ?. At the moment these are the only models we know of:

Ref# Model Remarks
? CitroŽn DS -
? Simca Baeulieu 1958   with open windows, no 'glass' insert, 1/80th scale

CitroŽn DS19

1/90th scale (no windows except on Break models) 

Ref#  Model Remarks
? CitroŽn 2CV 1958  big rear window
? CitroŽn DS19 1956  -
? CitroŽn ID19 Break   open windows, no 'glass' insert, scale 1/95th
? Panhard Dyna Z 1955 -
? Peugeot 403  -
? Peugeot 403 Familiale  open windows, no 'glass' insert
? Renault Dauphine   -
? Renault Fregate Amiral 1955  -
? Renault Domaine Break 1959  open windows, no 'glass' insert
? Simca Chambord 1958  -
? Simca Marly Break 1958  open windows, no 'glass' insert
? Simca Aronde Elysee 1957  -

Panhard Dyna Z

1/80th scale (with open windows, no 'glass' insert) 

Ref#  Model
? Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupť
? Austin Healey Roadster
? Chrysler Saratoga
? CitroŽn 2CV 1958 
? CitroŽn DS19 1956 
? DKW Auto-Union 1000
? Fiat 1200 Grand Luxe 1959 
? Panhard Dyna Z  1955
? Peugeot 403
? Plymouth Fury
? Plymouth Stationwagon
? Renault Fregate Amiral 1955
? Renault Floride Cabriolet
? Renault Dauphine
? Simca Oceane cabriolet
? Simca Beaulieu 1958
? Simca Aronde P60
? Sunbeam Rapier  
? Triumph TR3 Cabriolet

1/66th scale (with open windows and 'glass' insert) 

Ref# Model
? Alfa Romeo 1800 C 
? Facel Vega (1/80th scale, made for Esso
? Jaguar MkII 2,4L
? Jaguar D Le Mans
? Maserati Sport 200 SI
? Mercedes 190SL
? Mercedes 300SL Coupť
? Renault Etoile Filante
? Porsche 356 Coupť

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