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C&D Models


White-metal kits and accessories.

HOK1 - Dodge Ram dually

kit listing:

Ref#   Model
HOK1 Dodge Ram dually 
HOK2 Snowplough for pickup
HOK3 Snowmobile (set of two)
HOK4 Place snowmobile trailer
HOK5 5th wheel Camper 
HOK6 Motorcycle (street) 
HOK7 Box Scraper 
HOK8 Grain Drill (1970 - Present)
HOK9 5-shank V-Ripper (1960 - Present)
HOK10 Headache rack 
HOK11 15ft Mulcher (1960 - Present)
HOK12 Case 1470 tractor w/cab 
HOK13 Case 1470 tractor w/o cab 
HOK14 IH 4568 4wd tractor (1970)
HOMO1 Motorcycle (street) 'Crouch Rocket'
HOP01 5th wheel hitch plate for pickup 
HOP30 Flotation wheels/tires (metal) 
HOPD20 V-Ripper Shank w/1/64 Coulter (5 in set) 

HOK1 - Dodge Ram dually

Announced but not released:

Ref# Model
? Ford F-600 tractor (1970)
? Ford F-600 tandem-axle tractor (1970)
? Hopper bottom grain trailer
? Roll-Over ploughs w/4-5-6-8 bottoms
? Corn planter
? Ford Louisville tandem-axle truck

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