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Case #9 - January 2005

Joaquim Janeiro, who has a habit of finding items that are diffcult to identify (see Vault case #8 !), found these 8 plastic bodies without bottomplates or wheels on Ebay. Some of them, for instance the Opel Olympia 2-door and Van, the VW Beetle and the Mercedes look like Wiking or Tekno copies. One of the models looks like an 1938 Opel Kapitan 2-door. There are no marks of any kind in or on the bodies, but their finish is very smooth, just like any other industrial plastic model.

Update October 2007: Carsten Neumann e-mailed us and told us that the models seem to be Wiking copies. The original Wiking models are (picture 1, left to right) Volkswagen Käfer (Beetle), Mercedes 220, Mercedes 300 (Adenauer) and US-Limousine (unspecified american sedan) and (picture 2, left to right): Opel Olympia 1951, Opel Schnelllieferwagen (small delivery Van) and Schräghecklimousine (unspecified, maybe 1938 Opel Kapitän). The US-Limousine and the Schräghecklimousine never had a chassis, but at the US-Limousine the frontbumper is missing.

Additional information is still welcome ! 

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