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CCM / Classic Construction Models
Information received from Achim Lademacher


Manufacturer of handmade brass models of construction machinery in 1:48th and 1:50th scale. In 1995 CCM started a series of 12 Caterpillar models in 1:87th scale. After this series was completed, some Caterpillar mining machinery and 3 crawler cranes in HO followed. All models were produced in limited quantities.


Ref# Model Quantity
Cat Classic Collection (1995 - 2000)
01 Caterpillar 325L hydraulic excavator 1000
02 Caterpillar D-8R dozer w ripper 1000
03 Caterpillar 633E elevating scraper 1000
04 Caterpillar CB-634C tandem road roller 1000
05 Caterpillar 140H motor grader 1000
06 Caterpillar IT-28G wheel loader 1000
07 Caterpillar PM-465 cold planer 1000
08 Caterpillar D-250E Series II articulated dump truck 1000
09 Caterpillar 935C tracked loader 1000
10 Caterpillar AP-1055B asphalt finisher 1000
11 Caterpillar 992G wheel loader 850
12 Caterpillar 777D dump truck 1000
later Caterpillar models
953C Caterpillar 935C tracked loader w open ROPS 30
776-Y Caterpillar 776 truck w. Mega 160 sht bottom dump trailer (Cat yellow) 75
776-W Caterpillar 776 truck w. Mega 160 sht bottom dump trailer (white) 137
D11R-Y Caterpillar D-11R dozer (Cat yellow) 451
D11R-AG Caterpillar D-11R dozer (Cat yellow w anti glare paint scheme) 130
D11R-W Caterpillar D-11R dozer (white) 130
D11RCD-Y Caterpillar D-11R Carry Dozer (Cat yellow) 150
D11RCD-AG Caterpillar D-11R Carry Dozer (Cat yellow w anti glare paint scheme) 150
D11RCD-W Caterpillar D-11R Carry Dozer (white) 100
994 Caterpillar 994 wheel loader (Cat yellow) 266
994W Caterpillar 994 wheel loader (white) 144
994DCOY Caterpillar 994 wheel loader w 45m coal bucket (Cat yellow) 84
994DCOW Caterpillar 994 wheel loader w 45m coal bucket (white) ?
797-Y Caterpillar 797 dump truck (Cat yellow) 400
797-W Caterpillar 797 dump truck (white) 97
583 Caterpillar 583R pipelayer 583
? Caterpillar 583R pipelayer triad (3 models carrying 1 long pipe displayed on wood base) 12
854G-Y Caterpillar 854G wheel dozer (Cat yellow) 354
854G-W Caterpillar 854G wheel dozer (white) ?
657G Caterpillar 657G motor scraper 357
earlier Caterpillar models

Caterpillar D-7 dozer w trailing ripper (former Reuhl model, w rubber tracks)

LTL2600 Lampson LTL-2600 Trans Lift tracked lattice boom crane 126
248H Link-Belt LS-248 H II tracked lattice boom crane 400
4600 Manitowoc 4600 drag line 346

Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W "Big Muskie" 220 cubic yard walking dragline

modified versions of CCM models produced for Zycon Models
K500 Caterpillar D250E K-500 articulated truck w Klein water tank 100
K1800 Caterpillar KFL-777D K-1800 w Klein water tank 100
30020 Caterpillar KFL-777D w Klein fuel and lube body (Cat yellow) 200
30022 Caterpillar KFL-777D w Klein fuel and lube body (white) 50
30035 Replacement undercarriage w/moveable metal tracks (upgrade for Cat 325L excavator, Classic Collection #01) 100

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