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(Continental Model Supply Company)

Kits of military models in 87th scale.


Ref# Version Model Year
CM-001 Soviet Union Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-2 1981
CM-002 Soviet Union Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-1 1970
CM-003 Soviet Union Scout Vehicle BMP-R (BMR-1) 1976
CM-004 Soviet Union Artillery Radar Vehicle PRP-3 (BMP-SON) 1975
CM-015 Australia M113 Fire Support vehicle ?
CM-017 Israel M113 Fire Support Vehicle ?
CM-022 UK Infantry Fighting Vehicle FV 430 'Warrior' ?
CM-023 Soviet Union Medium Battle Tank T-55 ?
CM-028 Germany Trip-trailer 5t with M-Boat (small) Type SW-5/70 (EWK) ?
CM-029 UK Rover 9 (FV18062) - Land Rover HA 109 (Hard top) ?
CM-030 UK Rover 9 (FV18062) - Land Rover HA 109 (Soft top)  (+ picture above) ?
CM-031 UK Rover 9 (FV18062) - Land Rover Radio with trailer ?
CM-801 Germany Pionierpanzer Leopard 'Dachs' (Model 1985). 1985
CM-804 Israel M113 Command and Communication Vehicle ?
CM-805 Israel M113 TOW ?
CM-806 Israel M113 Fitter Vehicle ?
CM-807 USA M113/M163 AA tank ?
CM-807 Israel M113/M163 AA tank ?
CM-809 Israel M113 Up-armoured ?
CM-811 UK  Rover 7 (FV18044) -  Land-Rover HA 109 Truck -ton, 4x4, Ambulance (built up) ?
CM-813 USA M992A1 FASV Armoured ammunition carrier  ?
CM-814 USA M109 / XM-975 'Roland' ?

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