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White-metal models, available in kit form, prepainted kit and built up.

Picture: Martin Fredrich

We know of the excistence of these models sofar:


Ref# Model Version
010010 Lancia Delta Integrale HF (streetversion) Built-up, various colours
M6-020 Lancia Delta Integrale HF (rallye version) Kit w/painted body (white)
? Alfa-Romeo 75 1.8IE Kit
? Alfa-Romeo 75 2.0 Twin Spark Kit
010020 Alfa-Romeo 75 1.8 IE Ready made
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Polizia Communale Lugano' Ready made
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Polizia di Stato' Ready made
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Polizia di Stato' Kit
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Carabinieri' Ready made
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Carabinieri' Kit
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Guardia di Finanza' Ready made
? Alfa-Romeo 75 'Guardia di Finanza' Kit
? Lancia Fulvia Kit


Built-up version of the Alfa-Romeo 75 1.8IE (pictures: Martin Fredrich)

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