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Resin kits of mining equipment, oilfield trucks and heavy haulage trucks made in Germany by Andreas Danies and Ralf Koch.

Ref# Model
? BD270 270t bottom dump truck
31 180t mining dump truck
42 170t Wabco mining dump truck
33 100t dozer
? Demag 485 H mining shovel
? Pacific P12 Ultra heavy haul tractor
? Kenworth 953 oilfield truck
? Kenworth 993 off highway
? Kenworth 552 6x6
? Oshkosh J3080 oilfield truck
? Oshkosh cab (large radiator)
? Oshkosh cab (small radiator)
? MAZ 537 8x8 military tractor
? Lowboy trailer for MAZ 537, 12 wheels
? Nodwell Flextrack articulated off road truck
? Tatra 815 8x8 military tractor
? Kirovets K700 articulated tractor
? Kirovets K700A articulated tractor
K701-M5 Kirovets K701 articulated tractor
? Nicolas 6x6 truck
? Nicolas 8x8 truck
? Faun HZ 40 truck

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