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Del Prado / 'World Fire Engines' series


Although not a modelmanufacturer as such, the Del Prado publishing company releases models of firetrucks in the 'World Fire Engines' series. The series has been released in Japan, Germany, Italy and the UK (where they stopped after the release of the third model) sofar. The scale of the models varies because all models are packed in identically sized boxes and the models originate from several different manufacturers. In total, the series will consist of seventy (!) different models of which a few are in 1/87.

Super Fighter (click pictures for a better look !)

Model listing:

These are the models in ~1/87 that have been released sofar. The ref#'s mentioned are for the models released in Germany (a different numbering system is used in every country the series is released in).

Ref# Model
4 Morita MAF-125A Crash Tender
? Super Fighter (1992) (pic. above)
? Morita Watertanker (1984) 
? Pierce Lance (1993) (pic. below)
? E-one HP100 (2003) 

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