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Deoma Micromodels / FSB Microtoys
Source: http://www.diecast-collector.co.uk/forum/view.asp?ID=2012 


Diecast models made in the late 1950s / early 1960s as Deoma Micromodels and later as FSB Microtoys.

Model listing:

Ref# Model
1 T34 tank
2 Daimler armoured car
3 Humber army lorry
4 Bedford army lorry
5 Bedford civilian lorry
5C Bedford civilian lorry covered
6 Humber civilian lorry
6C Humber civilian lorry covered
7 Patton tank
8 US armoured car
9 Willys Jeep
9R Willys Jeep Italian Police
10 US tractor
11 US 6 wheeled army lorry
12 US 6 wheeled civilian lorry
12C US 6 wheeled civilian lorry covered
14 Trailer for Patton tank
15 US 6 wheeled army lorry covered
16 Long Tom gun
23 Humber army lorry covered
24 Bedford army lorry covered
A Gift set A: 7, 10, 14, 16
B Gift set B: 10, 16

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