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Don Mills Models


Resin kits and accessories.

Ref# Model
352 35' Exterior post van trailer, tandem axles
352DF 35' Exterior post van trailer with drop floor, tandem axles
8705 1952 Kenworth Bullnose COE 2-axle sleeper cab
8710 1952 Kenworth Bullnose COE 2-axle day cab
8715 1952 Kenworth Bullnose COE 3-axle sleeper cab
8720 1952 Kenworth Bullnose COE 3-axle day cab
8725 1956 Mack B-73 3-axle
8728 1956 Mack B-73 2-axle
8730 1948 Mack LJ 2-axle tractor
8735 1948 Mack LJ 3-axle day cab
8740 1950 Mack LJ 2-axle with integral sleeper
8760 Sanders for drive wheels
87500 Hayes HDX-1000 (pictured below)
87600 Mack FCSW 10-wheel dumptruck
87700 Mack B875 truck tractor

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