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PIC-K  Super Grand

Miniature model car kits

These kits are definately not in 1/87 ! There seems to be some relation to the Aurora 'cigar-box' series which has the same models in about the same scale (around 1/66).

We have found the following models sofar:

Ref# Model
? Ford GT40 prototype
? Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray
? Dodge Charger R/T
? Chevrolet Camaro SS
? Ford Mustang 289
? Ferrari Dino 206/S
? DeTomaso Mangusta
? Dodge Deora
? Dune-buggy

Click the thumbnails below to have a closer look at the kits, use your browsers 'back'-button to return here.

Doyusha-kits-1.jpg (47323 bytes)

Doyusha-kits-2.jpg (49431 bytes)

Formula 1 model kits

Besides the 'civilian' models listed above there was another series of models, this series consisted of 6 different formula 1 models which were re-releases models or copies of models sold under the Safir Champion brand. Although the Doyusha versions are often offered as 1/87 scale models these models are also in about 1/66 scale. 

Available models were:

Ref# Model
? Lotus Ford 'Monaco'
? STP Lotus 'Indianapolis'
? McLaren 'Spa-Francorchamps'
? Honda RA301 'Rouen'
? Matra 'Monza'
? Ferrari 'Brands Hatch'

Models actually close to 1/87

Released under the Doyusha name (but made by Suny (International) Co, Ltd.). Thanks to Yoshinobu Shigeki we are able to provide this translation of the Japanese text on the side of the box :' a lot of choice and the best for a collection ! With a three-dimensional expressway, you can make a GEORAMA ! Small and precise, and assembly is easy ! . 

Also on the box is a list of available models: 

Ref# Model
11 Mercedes Benz 220S
12 Carmann Ghia Coupe
13 Benz Racing Car
14 VW Deluxe
15 Opel Record
16 Ford Taunus 17M

We stumbled across this kit that was offered on Ebay, maybe another series of models in 1/87 ??  You know where to send any information you might have.... 

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