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This manufacturer, originating in the UK, appeared in the early 1980s as a major player in model making in 1/76th (OO) scale. The range began with several vintage lorries from the UK and only a few cars, later followed by a large range of British buses, coaches and trams, either modern or classic. All models are manufactured in China.

Although all models are in 1/76, we thought the choice of models was interesting enough to list them on the site.

Ref#  Model Print
10202 AEC Regent open top bus 'Great Yarmouth Transport' / 'Colman's Mustard'
10109 AEC RT/RTL bus 'London Transport' / 'Bird's'
10601 AEC Mammoth 8x2 tanker 'Regent'
10605 AEC Mammoth 8x2 tanker 'Fresh Milk From Lord Rayleigh's Farms'
11401 Triumph Dolomite 20TR convertible -
11501 MG B roadster -
11601 Triumph Herald Vitesse MkII convertible -
11701 Austin Healey Sprite roadster -
12102 Harrington Cavalier coach 'East Yorkshire'
12204 Harrington Grenadier coach 'Orange Luxury Coaches'
13001 Atkinson Artic Car transporter 'Transportation Services Ltd.'
13501 Atkinson 8x2 tanker 'Pickfords'
13701 Atkinson 8x2 tanker 'Fina Fuel Oils'
14002 Bristol FLF Lodekka bus 'Eastern National'
15610 AEC Leyland Routemaster RM bus 'London Transport' / 'Daltons Weekly' / 'Barclays'
15705 Plaxton Panorama Elite coach 'SUT Sheffield United Tours'
15906 Leyland PD1 Highbridge bus 'Lancashire United'
16207 Bristol MW coach 'Eastern Counties'
16317 Bristol LS coach 'Provincial'
17209 Leyland National bus 'John Fishwick & Sons'
17901 AEC Leyland Routemaster RM open top bus 'London Transport Sight Seeing Tour'
18005 MCW Fleetline Daimler bus 'Derby Corporation' / '...Home Ales are best !'
18305 Leyland TS8 Tiger bus 'East Midland'
18405DL Leyland TS8 Tiger bus 'Lincolnshire'
18712 Bedford Duple Vega coach 'Skills Motor Coaches Ltd.'
19405 Atkinson Artic Car van trailer 'British Road Services....Direct Door To Door'
19810 Daimler CVG6 bus 'Leeds City Transport' / 'LCT needs drivers & conductors NOW !'
19811 Daimler CVG6 bus 'Derby Corporation'
20124 Bedford OB coach 'Midland General'
20306 Bristol VR II bus 'Cheshire (Selnec Bus Co.)'
20419 Bristol VR III bus 'Ensignbus London Transport Service'
20626 Plaxton Pointer Dart bus 'First Midland Red'
21601 Leyland Ergomatic flat truck with load 'Holt Lane Transport'
22709 Alexander Y type coach 'Maidstone & District'
22909 Bedford TK van truck 'BRS Truck Rental'
23304 AEC RF bus 'London Transport'
23706 Alexander Fleetline Daimler bus 'Bury Corporation Transport' / 'Warburtons Bread'
23802 Alexander Atlantean bus 'Fischwick & Sons'
24103 Bedford TK flat truck 'Watneys London traditional draught beer'
24312 Leyland Tiger Cub coach 'Crossville / 'From Roberts Bakery the weight watchers bread Trim'
24703 Leyland Atlantean bus 'Plymouth City Transport' / 'citybus'
24807 Mercedes Hoppa minibus 'Scarborough Skipper'
24808 Mercedes Hoppa minibus 'First Manchester'
24901 Reeve Burgess Beaver minibus 'Brewers'
25003 Bristol RE II bus 'Eastern National'
25102 Bristol RE II bus 'PMT Cheshire Bus'
25504 AEC Leyland Routemaster RML bus 'Metroline' / 'Catch the Fox, Kids !'
25803 Leyland Daimler DMS bus 'OK Travel'
25901 Reeve Burgess Hoppa minibus 'Barton'
25902 Reeve Burgess Hoppa minibus 'Nottingham City Transport'
26101 Leyland Daimler DMS bus 'The Big Bus Company - Sightseeing Tour Of London'
26301 Guy Arab II Utility bus 'London Transport' / 'Whitbreads' / 'British Railways'
26601 Plaxton Volvo Paramount B10M bus 'Premier Travel Service'
26802 Leyland Duple coach 'Scout Service'
27202DA Leyland TD1 type A bus 'Birkenhead Corporation Motors'
27503 Wrights Scania Axcess bus 'Park & Ride 1st Eastern Countries Buses Ltd.'
27805 AEC STL bus 'London Transport' / 'Borwick's Baking' / 'Lodge Plugs'

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