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Metal kits of various motorcycle models.

Ref#   Category Model
610 Small Chopper Teenager
612 Chopper Rocky Diamond
614 Chopper Crazy Ghost
616 Chopper The Flying Spirit
621 Small Custom Old Boy
623 Custom Twisty Girl
6222F Police Highway Patrol
6262F Police Police Patrol
628 Chopper Long Beach
6368 Old Racing Eloise
6380F Old Racing Speedy Bubble
644 WW II Military Police
6509 Classic Bike The 20th Century
6509F Classic Bike The 20th Century
6527 Classic Bike The Uncatchable
6545 Classic Bike Wind Freedom
6546 Classic Bike The Patriot
6702F Top Fuel The Fire Sword
6703F Trike Sun of Pasadena
6708F V8 Custom US Bike Force
6929 Custom Big Bang Boy
6932 Custom Wagon Train
6955F Old Custom Oil and Grease
6956F Old Custom Johnny the Rebel
6957F Old Custom Mythical Sovereign
6970 Custom Funny Getaway
6975F Custom The Road Lancer
6996F Custom Sluggy the Bad

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