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Since information about Brazilian made models and their makers is very scarce, there isn't very much we can tell you about this company yet and it is only thanks to Brazilian collector Sergio Luis dos Santos that we were able to list the models and show you the pictures. 

All models found sofar vary in length between 4 and 5 centimeters and are made of plastic. They do not have glazing or interior and their scale is somewhere around 1/87, most of them probably slightly bigger. The 1953/1954 Nash 4-door sedan listed here was made in hard plastic and had fixed wheels, it was used as token in a boardgame.

Ref# Model Colours
? Chevrolet BelAir Green
? Renault Dauphine Green
? Volkswagen Beetle Black
? DKW Universal Yellow
? Ford Taunus 12M Yellow
? Volkswagen Transporter (T1) Yellow/blue, black/white, white/black, black/red, red/black
? Volkswagen PickUp (T1) Black/white
? Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Red, white
? ?? (American ?) pickup Green
? Nash ? White, black, red, yellow, blue

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