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Thunderbirds are go !

Comet Miniatures is a UK model maker which is known for its resin and white metal kits. The company, which is still active today, produced a series of white-metal kits under the name 'Supermarionation Mini Metals' in the 1980s. The greater part of the series consisted of spacecraft from various science fiction movies and television series but there is one kit that could be of interest to the 87th scale collector.....  kit MM01, which is a model of Lady Penelope's FAB-1, the famous pink Rolls-Royce that co-starred in the television series The Thunderbirds.

FAB1-2.jpg (41705 bytes)

FAB1-3.jpg (32392 bytes)

Although just a model made for television, the FAB-1 has been officially approved by the Rolls Royce Company. On approval, the company made two reservations; the car should always be referred to as 'Rolls Royce', and never as Roller or Rolls, and all models were required to have the famous 'Flying Lady' fitted. The FAB-1 is one of the most recognized vehicles from Thunderbirds, its six wheels, the gull-wing doors that slided under the car when they opened and dome-like canopy make the car unique. There were three models of different sizes used in the series of which one could be taken apart in pieces for interior shots. 

FAB-1 'details':

Length: 6300mm
Width: 240mm
Weight: 3000 kgs
Speed: > 200 mph
Speed on water (hydrofoils): 50 knots
Seating Capacity: 4 (plus driver)
Equipment: hydrofoils, skis, four machine guns, two lasers, smokescreen 

Now I can imagine that you'd think that there is no such thing as a scale model made after an imaginary prototype.....  rest assured, the FAB-1 really exists in 1/1....    A one-off ofcourse, which was built to promote the 1966 Thunderbirds film 'Thunderbirds are Go !' and was used by Gerry Anderson to arrive at the films London premiere. The car, which is currently on display at the Cars of the Stars museum, was completely wrecked when they purchased it in 1989 and had to be rebuilt.