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First Gear
Information received from Achim Lademacher


Diecast models of trucks and construction machinery from 1/87th to 1/25th scale. Only the 1/87th scale models released sofar are listed.


Ref# Model
80-0303 International TD-25 dozer w ripper (yellow)
80-0304 International TD-25 dozer w ripper (yellow, "US Forestry")
80-0305 International TD-25 dozer w ripper (white)
80-0307 International TD-25 fire dozer w ripper (red, "Forestry Division")
80-0308 International TD-15 dozer (olive, "US Army")
80-0309 International TD-25 dozer w ripper (green, "Municipal Airport or City Maintenance")
80-0310 International TD-15 dozer (yellow)
80-0311 International Payloader 960 (yellow/white IH paint scheme)
80-0312 International 175 tracked loader (yellow, "Forest Service")
80-0313 International TD-15 fire dozer (red, "Forestry Division")
80-0314 International 175 tracked loader (yellow)
80-0315 International Payloader 960 (yellow/black paint scheme, "Sunrise Mining")
80-0317 International TD-25 pipelayer

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