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Fröwis, a one-man company from Berlin, is one of the early small German manufacturers and appeared on the market in 1978. The company still makes ready-made Berlin trams and narrow-gauge rail vehicles produced in small series in H0, H0m, H0e and N and several sets of decals for Berlin buses.  

Apart from the trams and the decal sets Fröwis has manufactured injection moulded plastic kits of various Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz L206 and Hanomag-Henschel F25 models. These are no longer available from Fröwis, but different versions of the Mercedes have appeared on the market as ready-made models from IMU (?) later.

Kit 0009 - Hanomag-Henschel F25/Mercedes-Benz L206

Catalogue scans:

19?? Frowis-1.jpg (22167 bytes) Frowis-2.jpg (28804 bytes)
19?? Frowis-3.jpg (25091 bytes) Frowis-4.jpg (42806 bytes) Frowis-5.jpg (31448 bytes) Frowis-6.jpg (33628 bytes) Frowis-7.jpg (26137 bytes) Frowis-8.jpg (38206 bytes) Frowis-9.jpg (39348 bytes) Frowis-10.jpg (25938 bytes)

Kit 0003 - Ford Transit

Kitlisting: (incomplete)

Ref# Model
0001 Ford Transit van, single rear door
0002 Ford Transit van, two rear doors
0003 Ford Transit bus
0004 Ford Transit kombi
0005 Ford Transit,  diesel version of 0001
0006 Ford Transit,  diesel version of 0002
0007 Ford Transit,  diesel version of 0003
0008 Ford Transit,  diesel version of 0004

Hanomag/Mercedes van, normal roof


Hanomag/Mercedes van, high roof


Hanomag/Mercedes bus, normal roof


Hanomag/Mercedes bus, high roof


Ford Transit bus (1 ea. of 0003 + 0007)


Hanomag/Mercedes bus (1 ea. of normal + high roof)

Decal sets
3001 Set of 8 sets for FordTransit
3002 VKV/Keller/AEG for Wiking Mercedes-Benz O305 model
3003 ABC/Baumhüter/Bluna for Wiking O305 model
3004 Zanker/Günther/Berliner Volksbank f/Wiking O305 model
3005 BVG 
3006 City/Bus (2 versions) for Wiking O305 model
3007 Hannen Alt/Beka for Wiking MAN SD200 model
3008 Leonberger/Hoppecke for Wiking SD200 model
3009 Kaffee Hag/BFB for Wiking SD200 model
3010 Nive/Sonnenschein for Wiking SD200 model
3011 Coca-Cola/Persil for Wiking SD200 model
3012 Berlin Aktuell-Bonhoff (2sets) f-Wiking SD200 model 
3013 BVG
3014 Postal service ('DBP' symbols, advertising)
3015 Rally/race decals (start#, striping etc.)
3016 ADAC

Kit 0003 - Ford Transit

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