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These models were first offered in 1994 at the "Modellbau SŁd" show in Stuttgart, Germany where they sold unfinished blank models at DM 8 each and fully painted examples mounted on plinths at DM 15 each. Several years later they appeared on swap meets and they could also be found on Ebay. The models are plain copies of Wiking, Herpa and other miniatures. We know of 16 different solid resin castings in various colours, although there are most certainly more. They are sufficiently detailed but their design is quite simple with their wheels cast to the body and a little block of resin between the wheels. Also, most of the models we have seen sofar have flaws such as cracked edges.  

These are the models we have found so far:

Model  copied from 
Mini Cooper Herpa
BMW Isetta   Wiking
Borgward Isabella   Wiking
CitroŽn 2CV   Herpa
CitroŽn DS   Wiking 
Mercedes W123 Coupť  Wiking (modified) 
NSU RO80   Wiking
Opel Kadett C Coupť   IMU
Opel Monza   Wiking
Porsche 911  Wiking
Renault Alpine A310 US Models 
Triumph TR3   Herpa
Triumph Vitesse  Autosculpt (?) 
Volvo PV544   Praline
Volkswagen Jetta  Wiking 
Volkswagen Passat Variant   IMU (?)
Volkswagen Karmann Ghia ?
VW-Porsche 914  Autosculpt (?) 

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