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The Gladiator models are apparently made in the Czech Republic, partially from massproduction parts as well as from resin components. Rietze currently handles the distribution for Western Europe, although not all of the ready-made models are yet available. 

Ref# Model
001 Tatra 148 TZ-74 Czech army decontamination truck
002 Tatra 148 TZ-74 GDR army decontamination truck
003 Praga V3S service truck with trailer
004 Tatra 815 CAPL16 Czech army tank truck
005 Tatra 815 CAPL16 GDR army tank truck
006 Trabant P601A open firebrigade
007 Trabant P601A open GDR army
008 Steyr 1500A open truck grey
009 Steyr 1500A open truck tan
010 Praga V3S with 30mm antiaircraft gun PLDvK vz. 53/59
011 Praga V3S with 30mm antiaircraft gun PLDvK vz. 53 on trailer
012 Tatra 815 rigid tractor Czech army
013 Tatra 815 rigid tractor GDR army

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