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- Information received from Rene Henry Kid, former owner of H&K-87

I have been the founder and owner of the 1/87 scale series of military kits H&K-87. (H for HENRY and K for Kid which was the surname given to me by my grandfather who was an American). This series did go on the market in 1987. I am actually retired now and since 1999 the series is the property of United Fun in Germany who were already the main client for Germany for several years. I am still the United Fun agent for France.

List of H&K-87 codes:


K = Complete kit 
C = Conversion kit*
A = Accessories
D = Detailing kit* 
R = Resin kit. 
M = Kit contains white metal parts
P = Kit contains plastic parts
PH = Kit contains photo-etched metal parts

* The conversion kits (C) and some of detailing kits (D) are based on Roco or Trident models.

Modellisting: (Supplied by Mr. Kid / H&K-87 Series /  Made first on: January 1st.1989. Last Update: March 2003.)

All pictures © H&K-87.

Ref# Model Remarks
HK-101/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked.LVT Mk IV (Unarmoured) WWII
HK-102/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk IV (Armoured, 1st type) WWII
HK-103/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk IV (Armoured, 2nd type) WWII
HK-107/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk IV ('Ronson' Flame-thrower) WWII
HK-108/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk IV (Fire support, 40mm Bofors) WWII
HK-109/R87A Accessories for LVT IV (104+105+106). WWII
HK-201/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk II (Unarmoured) WWII
HK-202/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk II (Armoured) WWII
HK-203/R87A Equipment for LVT II WWII
HK-205/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT (A) Mk II (Armoured, late model) WWII
HK-206/R87K Landing Vehicle Tracked LVT Mk II (Cargo, with added armour) WWII
HK-302/R87K Mercedes 4500S (complete kit) WWII
HK-303/R87K Mercedes 4500A (complete kit) WWII
HK-304/R87K Mercedes 4500 'Maultier' (complete kit)  Wehrmacht
HK-305/RM87K Mercedes 4500A 4x4 truck with 3.7cm Flak 37 Wehrmacht

Mercedes 4500A 4x4 truck with 2cm Flak Vierling

Not Released
HK-401/R87D M113 lower hull, wheels, tracks and inside equipment set  1960
HK-404/R87K M113 A3 Armoured Personal Carrier   1960
HK-405/R87K M113 NZ Armoured Personal Carrier  Bosnia 1995
HK-406/R87K M59 Armoured Personal Carrier  USA 1950
HK-407/R87K M84 Armoured Mortar Carrier  USA 1950
HK-408/R87K M75 Armoured Utility Vehicle  USA 1950
HK-501/R87K Autocar U 8144-T, ponton truck-tractor (-> pictured with kit 1807)  USA
HK-502/R87K Autocar U 7144-T, truck tractor. USA
HK-503/R87K Autocar U 8144-T (same as 501 but with closed cab) USA
HK-504/R87K Autocar U 7144-T (same as 502 but w/closed cab) USA
HK-505/R87K Autocar U 8144-K31 radio van USA
HK-506/R87K Autocar U 8144 wrecker Not Released
HK-507/R87K Autocar U 7144-T 'Roll on-Roll off' 1945
HK-602/RM87C M983 Oshkosh HEMTT 8x8 10t truck-tractor   USA
HK-603/R87K  Oshkosh 8x8, articulated, LVS container carrier   USMC
HK-604/R87D Wheelset for 8x8 Oshkosh truck USA
HK-605/RM87K Oshkosh 8x6 Truck-tractor for M747 semitrailer USA
HK-606/RM87K M911 Oshkosh tractor + M747 semitrailer USA
HK-607/RM87K Oshkosh 8x8, articulated, LVS truck-tractor with M747 semitrailer USA
HK-608/RM87K Oshkosh F-Series Heavy Prime Mover  Not Released
HK-609/RM87K Oshkosh HEMTT 10x10 PLS container carrier. Not Released
HK-610/RM87K Oshkosh PLS with M1076 semi-trailer Not Released
HK-611/RM87K M984 Oshkosh HEMTT 8x8 wrecker Not Released
HK-612/RM87K Oshkosh HEMTT 8x8 LHS Not Released
HK-701/RM87K Federal 94X43 truck-tractor with semi-trailer WWII
HK-702/RM87K Federal 94x43 (same as 701 but with closed cab) Not Released
HK-703/R87K Federal 606 wrecker F1 and truck-tractor Not Released
HK-704/R87K Federal 605b Type C2 truck-tractor Not Released
HK-801/R87K Landing Vehicle AAVP-7 A1 (UPWS) USMC
HK-802/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTP-7  USMC 1975
HK-803/R87K Landing Vehicle AAVC-7 A1  USMC 1990
HK-804/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTR-7  USMC 1975
HK-805/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTP-7 A1. USMC 1975
HK-806/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTR-7 A1 . USMC 1990
HK-807/R87K Landing Vehicle AAVP-7 A1(UPWS) with added armor USMC
HK-808/R87K Landing Vehicle AAVP-7 A1(UPWS) with reactive armor USMC
HK-809/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTP-7 A1 LCV mine exploder USMC 1991
HK-810/R87K Landing Vehicle LVTC-7 A1  USMC 1980
HK-811/R87K Landing Vehicle.LVTC-7  USMC 1975
HK-812/R87K Landing Vehicle.LVTE-7  USMC 1975
HK-813/R87K Assault Amphibious Vehicle Command USMC 1994
HK-814/R87C Assault Fire Support Vehicle LVTEX-3 with 105mm gun -
HK-815/R87K Amphibious vehicle LVT-7 MTU (Mobile Test Unit) Not Released
HK-901/R87C M800 5t truck (Detailed new cab only)  US
HK-902/R87K M818 5t 6x6 truck-tractor   US
HK-903/R87K M814 5t 6x6 truck (lwb)   US
HK-904/R87K M813 5t 6x6 truck (mwb) US
HK-905/R87K M816 5t 6x6 wrecker  Not Released
HK-906/R87K M813 A2 5t 6x6 truck  US
HK-1002/R87C M996 Hummer mini ambulance US Army 1990
HK-1004/R87C M998 Hummer 'Scout' US Army 1993
HK-1005/R87C M1044 Hummer with added armour US Army 1993
HK-1006/R87C M998 Hummer hardtop van   US
HK-1007/R87C M998 Hummer with arctic equipment US
HK-1021/R87K Kaiser-Jeep 'Gladiator', 4x4 Pick-up -
HK-1022/R87K M715 Kaiser-Jeep 4x4 1.5t Light Truck, cargo Not Released
HK-1023/R87K AM General AM715 4x4 Light truck, cargo (Military Aid Program). Not Released
HK-1024/R87K M715 Kaiser-Jeep, 4x4 1.5t ambulance Not Released
HK-1025/R87K M715 Kaiser-Jeep, 4x4 1.5t utility body Not Released
HK-1101/R87C M109 ADS ammunition supply vehicle -
HK-1103/R87C M109 FDCV/CPV Artillery command post vehicle -
HK-1104/R87C M109 A5 155mm self-propelled howitzer Not Released
HK-1105/R87K M44 155mm self-propelled howitzer US
HK-1106/R87K M52 105mm self-propelled howitzer US
HK-1201/R87K M48 A2G2 Bundeswehr
HK-1202/R87A Leopard I lower hull, drive train and tracks Not Released
HK-1203/R87K M51 heavy recovery tank  See FCM
HK-1251/R87K Main battle tank Type 90 Japan
HK-1251/R87K Main battle tank Type 74. Not Released
HK-1251/R87K Main battle tank Type 61. Not Released
HK-1301/R87K M860 semitrailer, Patriot battery type 1 (rocket launcher) -
HK-1302/R87K M860 semitrailer, Patriot battery type 1 (radar carrier) -
HK-1303/R87K Command shelter, Patriot battery type 1 -
HK-1304/R87K Generator set, Patriot battery type 1 -
HK-1305/R87K M105 trailer, Patriot battery type 1 (with antennas) Not Released
HK-1307/R87K M860 A1 semi-trailer, Patriot battery type 2 (rocket launcher) -
HK-1308/R87K M860 A1 semi-trailer, Patriot battery type 2 (radar carrier) -
HK-1309/R87K Command shelter, Patriot battery type 2 Not Released
HK-1310/R87K Generator set, Patriot battery type 1 -
HK-1311/R87K Resupplying vehicle, Patriot battery -
HK-1312/R87K Containers, Patriot battery -
HK-1315/R87K M474 complete Pershing battery on tracked vehicle -
HK-1316/R87K Pershing battery, launching vehicle with missile -
HK-1317/R87K Pershing battery, carrier vehicle with missile head -
HK-1318/R87K Pershing battery, radio carrier vehicle -
HK-1319/R87K Pershing battery, radar carrier vehicle -
HK-1321/R87K KHD truck-tractor with M757 semi-trailer and missile. Bundeswehr
HK-1322/R87K MAN 630L2 with radio shelter Bundeswehr
HK-1323/R87K MAN 630L2 with radar shelter Bundeswehr
HK-1324/R87K KHD truck command vehicle with expandable van Bundeswehr
HK-1331/R87K Pershing II battery, M757 truck-tractor with M757A1 semitrailer + Pershing II missile -
HK-1332/R87K Pershing II battery, M656 8x8 truck with radio shelter -
HK-1323/R87K Pershing II battery, M656 8x8 truck with radar shelter -
HK-1324/R87K Pershing II battery, M791 8x8 command truck with expandable van -
HK-1330/R87K Nike-Hercules Missile System (Eight kits, currently under manufacturing )  -
HK-1401/R87K 6x6 2.5t.Class 530B Fire fighting vehicle on M34 chassis -
HK-1402/R87K 6x6 2.5t Class 530B Fire fighting vehicle on M35 chassis -
HK-1403/R87C M34 cab and M35 early cab US
HK-1404/RM87C M34 2.5t truck US
HK-1405/R87K V-18A/MTG 2.5t truck on M34 chassis Not Released
HK-1406/RM87C V-17A/MTG truck  on M34 chassis   Signal Corps
HK-1407/RMP87K 6x6 2.5t Class 530A Fire fighting vehicle on M34 chassis   -
HK-1408/RM87K M48 6x6 2.5t truck-tractor. US Army 1955
HK-1409/RM87K M275 6x6 2.5t truck-tractor. US Army 1955
HK-1410/RM87K M35 6x6 2.5t decontamination vehicle US Army
HK-1411/R87C M35 cab (early style, winterized type) US
HK-1412/R87K M35 A3 6x6 2.5t truck US
HK-1413/RM87 M35 6x6 2.5t NBC decontamination vehicle Bundeswehr
HK-1414/R87C M35 A2 6x6 2.5t truck with arctic equipment Not Released
HK-1415/R87K M19 A2 6x6 2.5t fuel tanker  Not Released
HK-1500 No releases in this series  Not Released
HK-1601/R87K USMC Landing Vehicle Tracked Personal LVTP-5  Due April 2003
HK-1700 No releases in this series Not Released
HK-1801/R87K Semi-trailer 10t,1-axle, stake and platform USA, WWII
HK-1802/RM87K Semitrailer 5t, 1-axle, stake and platform (Fruehauf) (-> pictured with kit 2201) USA, WWII
HK-1803/RM87K Semi-trailer 5t, 1-axle, stake and platform (Bros)  USA, WWII
HK-1804/RM87K Two dollies for semitrailers (1801, 1802, 1803) USA, WWII
HK-1805/RM87K Semi-trailer 12t, 25ft type C2   US Air Force
HK-1806/RM87K Semi-trailer, watertanker (Heil) US Air Force
HK-1807/RM87K Semi-trailer 12t ,40ft type C2 ( -> pictured with kit 501)  US Air Force
HK-1808/RM87K Semi-trailer, tanker type F1A  Not Released
HK-1809/RM87K M747 Semi-trailer tank carrier  US
HK-1810/RM87K M9 45t tank carrier trailer (Rogers Bros.)  US Army WWII
HK-1812/RM87K NOT RELEASED Trailer M1076 container carrier. Not Released
HK-1901/RM87C Leroi air compressor on 2.5t GMC chassis. US Army WWII
HK-1902/RM87C Decontamination system on 2.5t GMC Not Released
HK-1903/R87C Watertank truck 700 gallon on GMC chassis (Heil) -
HK-1904/R87C Watertank truck 700 gallon on GMC chassis (Columbian) -
HK-1905/R87C Gasolinetank truck 750 gallon on GMC chassis (Heil, type 2) -
HK-1906/R87C Gasolinetank truck 750 gallon on GMC chassis (Heil, type 1) -
HK-1907/R87C Gasolinetank truck 750 gallon on GMC chassis (Heil, type 3) Not Released
HK-2001/RM87K M426 International truck-tractor US Army WWII
HK-2101/RM87C M40/M50 early cab with accessories -
HK-2102/RM87K M41 6x6 5t truck  US 1950
HK-2103/RM87K M52 6x6 5t truck-tractor US 1955
HK-2104/R87K M246 6x6 truck-tractor wrecker M246, M246A2 US Air Force
HK-2201/RM87K Dodge D700 4x2 5t truck-tractor (-> pictured with kit 1802)  1964
HK-2202/RM87K Dodge D500 4x2 5t  1964
HK-2501/R87D Chassis and tracks for Roco Tiger E (type 1) Wehrmacht 
HK-2502/R87D Chassis and tracks for Roco Tiger E (type 2) Wehrmacht 
HK-2503/RM87C Tiger E turret, late type Wehrmacht
HK-2504/RM87C Tiger E chassis, tracks and turret, late model Wehrmacht
HK-2505/RM87K Sturmtiger with RW61 mortar Wehrmacht
HK-2506/R87K Pz.Kpfw. VI Königstiger, Henschel turret Wehrmacht
HK-2507/R87K Pz.Kpfw. VI Königstiger, Porsche turret Wehrmacht
HK-2508/R87K Jagdpanzer VI (Jagdtiger) Model B (Henschel) Wehrmacht
HK-2509/R87K Jagdpanzer VI (Jagdtiger) Model A (Porsche suspension and drive train) Wehrmacht 
HK-2510/R87K Bergepanzer Tiger (P) Recovery tank  Cancelled
HK-2701/ R87K Jagdpanzer IV/70 with 7.5 Pak39 L70 gun, medium type Wehrmacht
HK-2702/ R87K Sturmgeschutz IV with 7.5 Stuk 40 L/48 gun Wehrmacht
HK-2703/ R87K Jagdpanzer IV/70 with 7.5 Pak39 L70 gun, intermediary type Wehrmacht
HK-2704/ R87K Jagdpanzer IV/70 with 7.5 Pak39 L70 gun, late type Wehrmacht
HK-2705/ R87K Jagdpanzer IV with 7.5 Pak40 L48 gun  Wehrmacht
HK-2706/ R87D Chassis and drive train for Panzer IV from Roco.  Wehrmacht
HK-2801/RM87K Brockway 6x6 7.5t bridge erection truck   USA, WWII
HK-2802/RM87K Corbitt 6x6 7.5t artillery tractor   USA, WWII
HK-2803/RM87K Brockway-LaFrance Class 155 crashtruck  US Air Force
HK-2804/RM87K Brockway-Quickway 6x6 7.5t crane carrier Not Released
HK-2805/RM87K White 6x6 7.5t truck-tractor. US 1945
HK-2806/RM87K Brockway-LaFrance Class 155/5 crashtruck   Not Released
HK-2807/RM87K White 6x6 7.5t truck US 1945
HK-2901/RM87K Opel Blitz bus headquarter vehicle (type 1) Wehrmacht
HK-2902/RM87K Opel 'Maultier', armoured,  with PzWerfer 42 Wehrmacht
HK-2903/RM87K Opel Blitz bus troop carrier (type 1)  Wehrmacht
HK-2904/RM87K Opel Blitz bus ambulance (type 2) Wehrmacht
HK-2905/RM87K Opel 'Maultier', armoured ammunition carrier Wehrmacht
HK-2906/RM87K Opel 'Maultier', cargo truck Wehrmacht
HK-2907/RM87K Opel Blitz tankertruck Not Released
HK-2951/RM87K Ford V3000 'Maultier', cargo truck (cab type 2) Wehrmacht
HK-2952/RM87K Ford V3000 'Maultier'  with shelter (cab type 2) Wehrmacht
HK-2953/RM87K Ford V3000 'Maultier', cargo truck ('Einheits'-cab) Not Released
HK-2954/RM87K Ford V3000 4x2 cargo truck ('Einheits'-cab) Not Released
HK-2955/R87K Ford G917 4x2 cargo truck (closed cab) Not Released
HK-2956/R87K Ford G917 4x2 cargo truck (open cab) Not Released
HK-3001/RM87K 150cm AA searchlight Wehrmacht
HK-3002/RM87K 3.7cm Flak 37 gun Wehrmacht
HK-3004/RM87K 2cm Flak Vierling AA gun Wehrmacht
HK-3006/R87K Special trailer Sd.Anh 52 for 3.7cm Flak and 2cm Flak Wehrmacht
HK-3007/R87K Trailer ammunition caisson for 3.7cm Flak Wehrmacht
HK-3051/RM87K M1 240mm gun  Not Released
HK-3052/RM87K M1 120mm AA gun US
HK-3053/R87K 8.8cm Flak gun Model 18 on trailer Sd.Anh 201 Wehrmacht
HK-3101/RM87K AEC Armoured command truck AEC 'Mammuth' Afrika Korps. -
HK-3102/R87K Chevrolet YR 4x2 desert troop carrier LRDG
HK-3103/R87K Foden 6x4 fuel tanker.  -
HK-3201/RM87K REO 29X 6x6 truck-tractor Not Released
HK-3202/R87K  REO 29X 6x6 truck-tractor Not Released
HK-3301/RM87K Diamond-T 981 Prime mover, closed cab   US Army WWII
HK-3302/RM87K Truck-trailer 45-T tank transporter M19.  
HK-3303/RM87K Diamond- T 981 Prime mover, open cab.  US Army.WWII.
HK-3304/RM87K Diamond-T 981 truck-tractor, closed cab  US Army.WWII.
HK-3401/R87K Transportation craddle for LCVP serie (FCM) -
HK-3501/R87K FAUN Z912/21-A1 6x6 10t, artillery tractor for 90/120mm AA gun Not Released
HK-3502/R87K FAUN Z912/21-203 6x6 10t cargotruck (type 1) Bundeswehr
HK-3503/R87K FAUN Z912/21-203 6x6 10t ammunition carrier   Bundeswehr
HK-3504/R87K FAUN Z912/21-203 6x6 10t artillery tractor for 155mm howitzer   Bundeswehr
HK-3505/R87K FAUN Z912/21 cargo truck with side handling crane Not Released
HK-3506/R87K FAUN LK 12/21-400 crane-carrier with Wilhag 11t crane  Not Released
HK-3511/R87K FAUN Z912/21-203 4x4 8t artillery carrier truck Bundeswehr
HK-3521/R87K FAUN L908/54VA 6x6 10t cargo truck (type 1)  Bundeswehr
HK-3522/R87K FAUN L908/54VA 6x6 10t artillery tractor (type 2) Not Released
HK-3523/R87K FAUN L908/54VA 6x6 10t ammunition carrier (type 2) Not Released
HK-3531/R87K FAUN L912/5050A 6x6 12t engineer.(Gleitkipper) Bundeswehr
HK-3532/R87K FAUN L912/45A 6x6 12t heavy tractor Not Released
HK-3533/R87K FAUN L912/SA 6x6 12t truck-tractor. Not Released
HK-4000 No releases in this series Not Released
HK-4501/R87K Caterpillar DW 20 M tractor Not Released
HK-5001/M87A Accessory set for fire-fighting trucks -
HK-6001/R87K 280mm atomic gun with Kenworth tractors Not Released
HK-7001/R87K Horch 4x4 armoured reconnaissance vehicle Sd.Kfz. 222 -
HK-7004 R87K Büssing-Nag 8x8 armoured reconnaissance vehicle Sd.Kfz. 231 -

The following kits will not be made, the reference numbers will not be used again:
HK-104/R87A / HK-105/R87A / HK-106/R87A / HK-204/R87K / HK-301/R87C / HK-402/R87D / HK-403/R87D / HK-601/R87C /  HK-1001/R87C / HK-1102/R87C / HK-1306/R87K / HK-1811/RM87K / HK-3003/RM87K / HK-1003/R87C. 

The H&K-87 French line

Ref# Model Remarks
HK-10101 ACMAT VLRA, 4x4, 3t. Type OM TPK 420 SM3 Personnel carrier  -
HK-10102 ACMAT VLRA, 4x4, 3t. Type TPK 420 SM3/STL Cargo carrier -
HK-10103 ACMAT VLRA, 4x4, 3t. Type TPK 415 FSP with weapon Not Released
HK-10104 ACMAT VLRA, 4x4, 3t. Type TPK 420 SM3 Personnel carrier Not Released
HK-10105 ACMAT VLRA, 4x4, 3t. Type TPK 420 SAM Ambulance Not Released
HK-10106 ACMAT VLRA, 6x6, 4t. Type TPK 640 CTL Cargo carrier Not Released
HK-10107 ACMAT VLRA, 6x6, 4t. Type TPK 650 SH with shelter Not Released
HK-10108 ACMAT VLRA, 6x6, 4t. Type TPK 635 TSR truck-tractor Not Released
HK-10109 ACMAT VLRA, 6x6, 4t. Type TPK 640 WRT wrecker Not Released
HK-10131 GIAT AMX 10 RC First type
HK-10132 GIAT AMX 10 RC  Daguet version
HK-10133 GIAT AMX 10 RC  Up-armoured
HK-10134 GIAT AMX 10 RC (1999 version, new turret) Not Released
HK-10151 Panhard AML 60, 60mm mortar gun -
HK-10152 Panhard AML 90, 90mm F1 gun -
HK-10155 Panhard ERC 90mm F4 gun 'Sagaie' -
HK-10156 Panhard ERC VDAA 'Santal' Not Released
HK-10157 Panhard ERC 90mm F1 gun 'Lynx' '
HK-10160 Panhard VBL Several variants
HK-10181 Renault-Saviem VAB 4x4 CB127 Not Released
HK-10182 Renault-Saviem VAB 6x6 CB127 Not Released
HK-10183 Renault-Saviem VAB 4x4 AT vehicle 'Mephisto' Not Released
HK-10184 Renault-Saviem VAB 6x6 AT vehicle 'Mephisto' Not Released
HK-10185 Renault VAB 6x6 VDAA Not Released
HK-10186 Renault VAB NG 6x6 CB 127 Not Released
HK-10187 Renault VAB 1994 CB127  Not Released
HK-10201 Renault TRM 2000 Closed cab
HK-10202 Renault TRM 2000 Open Cab
HK-10205 Renault TRM 10000 Artillery tractor for 155mm TRF1 gun Not Released
HK-10206 Renault TRM 10000 Cargo truck Not Released
HK-10301 GIAT Main battle tank Leclerc. 120mm gun. NOT RELEASED Not Released
HK-10302 GIAT Main battle tank Leclerc. Export type. NOT RELEASED Not Released
HK-10303 GIAT Recovery tank Leclerc. NOT RELEASED Not Released
HK-10304 GIAT Main battle tank Leclerc 2000, 140mm gun Not Released
HK-10311 GIAT Main battle tank AMX 30, 105mm gun Not Released
HK-10312 GIAT Main battle tank AMX30B, 120mm gun Not Released
HK-10313 GIAT Main battle tank AMX30B2, 120mm gun.  -
HK-10314 GIAT Main battle tank AMX30B2 'Daguet', 120mm gun Not Released
HK-10315 GIAT Main battle tank AMX30B2 'Brennus', 120mm gun  -
HK-10317 GIAT 155mm SP Field gun AMX30 AU F1 Not Released
HK-10318 GIAT 155mm SP Field gun AMX30 AU F2 Not Released
HK-10321 GIAT AA System 'Roland' on AMX30 chassis  -
HK-10322 GIAT Rocket Launcher 'Pluton' on AMX30 chassis  -
HK-10401 GIAT AMX 10 P troop carrier  -
HK-10402 GIAT AMX 10 P troop carrier (Model 2000 / Kosovo) Not Released
HK-10501 GIAT 155mm Field gun TR F1 Not Released
HK-10502 Thompson 120mm wheeled heavy mortar -
HK-10503 'CAROL' Roland II System Not Released

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