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PIC-R  Fleischmann

Simple injection moulded plastic models in various scales. The car models are between 1/53 - 1/75, the bus and truck models are closer to 1/87. All models can easily be identified, they all have the Hammer logo (Perspective capital H plus an image of a hammer) on the bottomplate.

Train manufacturer Fleischmann used eight different types of Hammer models on at least two types of freight cars:

#1425 (5700) American New York Central flat car, loaded with two cars. Catalogue years: 1960-1973.
#1472 (5275) DB Autotransportwagen Offs55 or Laes542 loaded with eight cars. Catalogue years: 1960-1971. 

Fleischmann - freight car with Hammer car models


Ref# Model Color body/roof/version
Alfa Giulietta Spider   Silver, red, green
Auto Union 1000 SP Silver, red
BMW 507   Gold/white, green/white, black/white, green/white "Merkur", yellow/white "Merkur"
Borgward Isabella Coupé   Gold/white, green/white, black/white, red/white, red/white "Merkur", yellow/white "Merkur"
Büssing articulated bus   Red/beige, green/beige, blue/beige, bluemet./silver, silver/silver
Büssing LU11 pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA"
Büssing LU11 semi tanker White/green (trailer), silver/green
? Büssing LU11 semi   Green/grey (trailer), green
Büssing bus with glass roof Bluemet./red (interior), yellow/orange, yellow/brown, brown/red, darkred/brown
DKW 1000 Lightgreen/white, red/white, lightblue/white, red/white "Merkur", lightgreen/white "Merkur"
Fiat 1500 S Silver, red
Ford FK 2500 pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA"
? Ford FK 2500 semi   Green/grey (trailer), green
Hanomag L 28 pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA", silver/green/yellow "IFA"
Henschel articulated bus   Blue/white, green/white, red/white, greenmet./silver, bluemet./silver, silver/silver, redmet./silver
Magirus Pluto pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA"
Magirus Pluto semi tanker White/green (trailer), silver/green
? MAN 10.212 pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA"
? MAN 10.212 semi tanker White/green, silver/green
? MAN 10.212 semi   Blue/grey (trailer), blue
? MAN bus with glass roof Bluemet./brown (interior), silver/blackmet., darkred/orange, yellow/orange, yellow/green, blue/red, blackmet./blackmet.
? Mercedes 220 S Gold/white, green/white
? Mercedes L 311 pickup truck Red/yellow "IFA"
? Mercedes L 311semi   Blue/grey (trailer), blue
? Mercedes SL Gold/white, black/white, red/white
? MG 1600 Mk II Silver, red
8 Opel Kapitän   Gold/white, green/white, black/white, red/white, blue/white "Merkur", yellow/white "Merkur"
3 Opel Rekord Caravan Gold/white, green/white, black/white, red/white, blue/white "Merkur", yellow/white "Merkur"
? Porsche 356 B Silver, red
? Triumph TR4 Silver
? Triumph TR5 Red
? VW Karmann Ghia   Green/white
? VW T1 bus Red/white "AEG", red/white, blue/white
? VW T2 bus White/white "Krautol", red/white "Krautol", green/white "Krautol", blue/white "Krautol"
VW T2 van Red "Miele", white "Milupa", yellow/white, yellow/red "Sparkasse", red/red "Sparkasse", blue/white, blue/yellow, yellow/white "Trabant"

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