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Resin kits and photo-etched details for models made by other manufacturers made in the Czech Republic.

- Photo-etched parts & details / resin cabs & wheelsets

Ref# Parts for / kit of For use with
HLR87002 ZiL-157 MAC model
HLR87003 Set of bicycles  -
HLR87004 ZiL-131  MAC model
HLR87009 Tatra 138 / 148  IGRA model
HLR87010 Tatra 815   IGRA model
HLR87012 Tatra 813 6x6  SDV model
HLR87013 Tatra 813 'Kolos'   SDV model
HLR87018 LIAZ  IGRA model
HLR87019 Draisine Funk conversion set Hauler 87007
HLR87020 Praga V3S  IGRA model
HLR87021 Kaelble  Kibri model
HLR87022 Orlican  SDV model
HLR87025 Set of swheel chokes -
HLR87028 FAUN Kibri model
HLR87029 M923 (US 5t truck) Roco model
HLR87030 Pz.IV tank Roco model
HLR87031 Pz.IV tank 'schurzen'  Roco model
HLR87032 Pz.IV tank tracks   Roco model
HLR87033 Nato guns  -
HLR87034 Oldtime velociped  -
HLR87035 M35 (US 2,5t truck)  Roco model
HLR87036 Avia IGRA model
HLR87037 Karosa bus  SDV model
HLR87040 Tatra 815 decals   IGRA model
HLR87043 Antitank barrages (WW2)  -
HLR87044 S-706 MTS  SES model
HLR87045 P32-transporta 3-axle lowloader  SDV model
HLR87046 Chains  -
HLR87047 Grids and manholes  -
HLR87048 Relief plate -
HLR87049 Relief plate  -
HLR87050 Relief plate  -
HLR87053 GAZ-69 MAC model
HLR87054 GAZ-69 CHMEL  MAC model
HLR87055 Tiger tank  Roco model
HLR87056 Panther tank  Trident model
HLR87057 Jerrycans (US, WW2)  -
HLR87058 Jerrycans (German, WW2)  -
HLR87059 Jerrycans (modern)  -
HLR87060 Panther tank decals Trident model
HLR87061 Pz.IV tank decals Roco model
HLR87062 Tiger tank decals Roco model
HLR87063 Decals for Wehrmacht models -
HLR87066 Pz.IV tank tower conversion set -
HLR87070 SdKfz. 251 halftrack  Trident model
HLR87071 Set of tools -
HLR87072 Set of license plates  -
HLR87073 Pz.38 tank  SDV models
HLR87074 BVP-1 parts for BMP-1  SDV model
HLR87075 BVP-2 parts for BMP-2  SDV model
HLR87076 Barkas   SES model
HLR87077 Hummer  Roco model
HLR87078 M1A1 'Abrams' tank    Roco model
HLR87079 Leopard tank  Roco model
HLR87086 Tatra 111-138 resin wheels SDV / IGRA model
HLR87087 Tatra 148 resin wheels IGRA model
HLR87088 Tatra 813 6x6 resin wheels SDV model
HLR87089 Tatra 813 'Kolos' resin wheels SDV model
HLR87090 Tatra 815 resin wheels IGRA model
HLR87091 Tatra 815 resin wheels IGRA model
HLR87092 Tatra 815 resin wheels IGRA model
HLR87093 Skoda MTS resin wheels SES model
HLR87094 LIAZ resin wheels IGRA model
HLR87095 Tatra 815 short cabin with etched parts  IGRA model
HLR87096 Tatra 815 mid cabin with etched parts IGRA model
HLR87097 Tatra 138 resin cabin with etched parts IGRA model
HLR87098 Tatra 148 resin cabin with etched parts IGRA model
HLR87099 P.S.P Marston (US Pierced Steel Planking) -
HLR87102 Panther tank 'Schmalturm'  Trident model
HLR87103 Pz.IV tank 'Thoma schurzen' for 'J'-version  -
HLR87121 PE set for T-55 tank SDV kit
HLR87122 PE set for T-54 tank SDV kit
HLR87123 PE tracks for T-54/55 tank SDV kit
HLR87124 PE set for VT-55A recovery tank SDV kit

- Kits 

Ref# Model
HLR87001 Kaelble truck 
HLR87007 Czech panzer draisine 
HLR87026 Tatra T-18 (German panzer draisine)  
HLR87027 Tatra T141 truck 
HLR87038 Tatra T111S truck 
HLR87039 Tatra T6500/111 truck 
HLR87041 Sentinel steam truck with crane
HLR87042 Skoda Sentinel steam truck 
HLR87051 Friese 16t German field crane (WW2)
HLR87052 Freya LZ German radar station (WW2)
HLR87064 Phanomen Granit   
HLR87065 Pz.Jagerwagen (German railway tank, 1944)
HLR87081 Steyr (German panzer draisine, WW2)
HLR87082 Borgward IV ausf. A (German demolition charge vehicle, WW2)
HLR87083 Borgward Wanze (German antitank vehicle, WW2)
HLR87084 Goliath (German demolition vehicle, WW2)
HLR87085 Zeppelin (ex-Soviet German Panzer draisine, WW2)
HLR87100 S.Sp.Pz.Draisine Funkwagen (German Panzer draisine, WW2)
HLR87101 S.Sp.Pz.Draisine 'Kugelblitz' (German AA Panzer draisine, WW2)
HLR87104 Pz.IV ausf.J  tank (German, WW2)
HLR87105 Flak Pz.IV 'Kugelblitz' (German AA tank, WW2)
HLR87106 Pz.IV with 7,5cm KwK L/70 Schmallturm (German self propelled gun, WW2)
HLR87107 Pz.IV/70(V) 'Zwischenlösung' (German tank, WW2)

Boxtop of kit HLR87027

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