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Herpa do Brasil Ltda.

Last known adress: Herpa do Brazil Ltda., Rua Herculano de Araujo 76, Curitiba, Brazil.

In 1991, Herpa decided to start producing several of their models in Brazil. The moulds used to produce the Brazilian models were moulds that were no longer needed in Germany because a new version of the prototype had been launched. In Brazil however, the older version of these prototypes was still in production, and making the models available to Brazilian modellers and collectors seemed like a good idea. 

Herpa released the following models in 1992:

Brazilian prototype Herpa model Colours made
Chevrolet Monza Opel Ascona sedan Green metallic, white
Chevrolet Monza Opel Ascona hatchback Red, white
Volkswagen Voyage Audi 80 GTE White
? Audi 100 Avant White

The Opel Ascona sedan model is an accurate reproduction of the Chevrolet Monza 4-door sedan, the hatchback model however, which also has 4-doors, does require some work because the Brazilian prototype only had 2 doors. Also, the Volkswagen Voyage was commonly sold as a 2-door version in Brazil whereas the Herpa Audi 80 GTE has 4 doors.

Several other models were announced, including truckmodels, but since the models that were actually released were no best-sellers (which could have been caused by the fact that the models were made after European prototypes which differed from the Brazilian versions) the announced models were never made. After Herpa do Brazil had been accumulating stock for quite some time the company stopped production.

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