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Information received from Heinz-Hartmut Graf


In 1994/95 Gunnar Hildebrandt from Wilhelmshaven (Germany) made 2 models in 1/87th scale. The prototypes were made by the 'Nordwestdeutsche Fahrzeugbau GmbH', better known as NWF. The NWF factory in Wilhelmshaven manufactured (1948-1955) a progressive bus type, the BK334, which was based on a construction by H. Focke. During that same time NWF built a mini car, called the NWF200, which was licensed from Fuldamobil. 

The NWF200 model pictured appears to be made of injection molded plastic but the models were are actually cast in colored resin (polyurethane) with the bottom as a seperate black part. The models have vacuformed glazing.

The following models have been available:

Ref# Model Pcs made
? NWF 200 300
? NWF BK334 50

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