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Resin models made by Ivo Carvan after Czech prototypes, available both ready-made and as kit.


IC87001 BSS PS2 17.13 2-axle trailer
IC87002 ?
IC87003 Liaz MTSP24 4x4 dumptruck
IC87004 Liaz 150.261 2-axle dumptruck
IC87004A Liaz MTSP24 2-axle dumptruck 
IC87004B Liaz MTSP24 2-axle dumptruck
IC87005 Liaz 110 maxi 2-axle tractor
IC87006 Liaz 230.573 DDC 2-axle tractor
IC87007 Liaz 29.33SD 3-axle dumptruck
IC87008 BSS PS2 10.20H 2-axle trailer
IC87009 ?
IC87010 Tatra 815 PJ 6x6 CKD AD-28 crane (decals for 5 versions)
IC87011 ?
IC87012 Tatra 148 CKD AD-160 crane
IC87013 Tatra 148 CKD AD-20 crane
IC87014 Tatra 815 CKD AV-14 crane (decals for 5 versions)
IC87015 HZZ100R + SRL3500 (snowplough + saltspreader)
IC87016 Praga V3S CKD AD-080 
IC87017 Tatra 815TP 3-axle tractor
IC87018 ZVVZ NCA 20-120 2-axle cementtrailer
IC87019 Liaz MTSP25 VSV6-IV together with kit IC87015
IC87020 Unex DH28.1 tracked excavator
IC87021 BSS PS2 18.13 2-axle trailer
IC87022 Tatra T815TP tractor + Transporta P32 3-axle lowloader + Unex DH28.1 tracked excavator
IC87023 Tatra 815 AD-28 action crane
IC87024 Tatra 805
IC87025 Tatra 805
IC87026B Tatra 805 'Hanzelka + Zikmund'
IC87027 BzK 82mm gun
IC87028  Tatra 805 'Army'
IC87028/IC87027  Tatra 805 together with kit IC87027
IC87029 Zetor 10045 tractor
IC87030 Zetor 8011 tractor
IC87031 Tatra 805 'Firebrigade Sokolov'
IC87032 Praga S5T 'Orkan'
IC87033 Tatra 138-119 VLH
IC87034 Tatra 805 'Firebrigade'
IC87035 Zetor 10045 Turbo tractor
IC87037 Zetor 9145 tractor
IC87038 NVTF-8

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