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JB Models


Manufacturer of 1/76th (OO) scale plastic modelkits of British military vehicles. Production stopped in 2007, moulds sold to Airfix.

Kit listing:

Ref# Model
JB1001 Landrover (LWB, soft top) with G.S. trailer
JB1002 M113 ACAV (Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle)
JB1003 Landrover (LWB, hard top) with G.S. trailer
JB1004 Saladin Mk. 2 armoured car
JB1005 Bedford MK 4t. w/G.S. body
JB1006 M113 fire support version
JB1007 Saracen MPC Mk. 1/2/3 
JB1008 Bedford MK tactical aircraft refueller
JB1009 Vickers Mk. VI A/B/C light tank
JB1010 Landrover 1t. forward control truck w/G.S. body 
JB1011 ?
JB1012 Landrover 1t. forward control ambulance

JB1005 Bedford MK

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