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Founded in Sonneberg (Thuringia) in 1790 as 'J.G. Escher & Sohn', manufacturers of abrasives and toys, renamed to 'JGES Theuern' in 1920. Model production started in 1948, originally to make use of overcapacity of the machinery present. The privately held company was expropriated in 1953 and renamed 'VEB Press- und Schleifmittel', a name that was later changed into 'Plasta Werke Sonneberg, Betrieb Theuern'

The first JGES models were made from Duroplast (bakelite), a material that was not injected in the mould but was formed under pressure which resulted in hollow one-piece models. The models are quite simple, they do not have glazing and engraved detail is limited. All models have painted head- and taillights (yellow or red) and licenseplates (white) and have a modelnumber, a mouldnumber and 'JGES' on the inside. Several of these models have been available with Herr made modeltrains.

Bakelite models (1948-1962)

Ref# Model
901 US limousine
902 Convertible
903 Truck
904 Two-axle trailer for 903
905 IFA Pionier tractor
906 Two-axle trailer for 905
907 Volkswagen Beetle
908 Mercedes 300SL (?)

After the production of the bakelite models stopped JGES (or 'VEB Press- und Schleifmittel' as it was called now) made two models in polystyrene or polypropylene plastic using the injection moulding technique. Initially these models had plastic axles, models made from 1965 onwards have steel axles. Although they are from the same mould, the polypropylene models are shorter (!) then the polystyrene models. The models are hollow, do not have glazing and have either W1/W2 (Wartburg) or S1/S2 (Skoda) on the inside.

Plastic models (1963-1967)

Ref# Model
? Wartburg 311
? Skoda 445 Octavia 

The last model made by JGES (now 'Plasta Werke Sonneberg, Betrieb Theuern') was a very simple plastic model of the Wartburg 353. This model did not have glazing either, but at least it had window openings and a bottomplate. There are two versions of this model, the first (upto 1985) had free standing bumpers, in the second version (1985-1990) these were part of the bottomplate. On models from the new mould the window openings are also different. 

Plastic models (1967-1990)

Ref# Model
? Wartburg 353

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