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Although widely known as 1/64 die-cast model manufacturer, some Johnny Lightning models are actually near 1/87.

The 'True Grit' series consists of four different models, a stepvan, a cargo truck, a beverage truck and a utility van which are released in different colour and print variations. The utility van is in 1/64 and it's variations are therefor not listed.

Detail pictures of the cargo truck and the stepvan:

JL_McDonalds-1.jpg (50696 bytes)

JL_stepvan-detail-front.jpg (87886 bytes)

Cargo truck - close-up Step Van - close-up

Sofar, the following models have been available:

Ref# Release Model Print / Colour / Remarks (if any) Series
? 1 Step Van   Tootsie Roll / White 'True Grit'
? 1 Beverage Truck  Mountain Dew / Green 'True Grit'
? 1 Step Van  Toucan Sam Froot Loops / Red 'True Grit'
? 2 Cargo Truck   McDonald's / Red 'True Grit'
? 2 Step Van   The Three Stooges - White 'True Grit'
? 2 Beverage Truck Hawaiian Punch - Blue 'True Grit'
? 2 Beverage Truck  Hershey's Chocolate Milk- Dark Brown 'True Grit'
? 2 Cargo Truck  Johnny Lightning- Red & Black  'True Grit'
? 3 Step Van   Rice Krispies- Blue 'True Grit'
? 3 Step Van  Mason Dots- Chartreuse  'True Grit'
? 3 Cargo Van Mooneyes - Black  'True Grit'
333-01 - Step Van   S.W.A.T. 'American Heroes'
? - Step Van Coca-Cola ?
777 - Chevy bus  From the 'Partridge Family'  TV-show Released in 1998.


Several models from the 'Lightning Brigade' series also appear to be closer to 1/87 then 1/64. There are several versions of the CCKW (Deuce and a half) truck and an M-16 halftrack (pictures below), plus a model of the M1A1 Abrams tank (ref.# 066)

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