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Jordan - Highway Miniatures
Additional information and pictures received from James Montgomery & Lee Nehlsen


June 2005 - It looks like the Mack cabs have been changed, the older kits had doors on the cab (as in the picture above) the new issues do not have the doors. In kit #212 the tank has also been changed apparently, we are looking for a picture of the old and new version together.

August 2005 - More changes...  this time to the Mack Stake truck (kit #209). The first kit gave two options on the bed size along with the different cab. The new one doesn't mention different bed sizes at all in the instructions. Shown below are scans of both kit boxes, note the tool or battery box on the running board of the old kit (picture on the right) and the different cabs. It looks as if the new kit is from an all new set of moulds.

* = more information about the kit further down this page !

Cat. #


Prototype year

? Two horses with harness -
101 Light delivery wagon  -
102 Standard delivery wagon   -
103 Brougham wagon with horses  -
104 Buckboards (2 in kit)  -
105 Beer wagon with eight horses -
106 Horse-drawn hearse -
107 Horse-drawn wagon -
108 Horse-drawn buckboard -
201* Oldsmobile Curved Dash   1901
202 Ford model T 1910
203* Jeep stationwagon (CJ based vehicle) 1950s
204 Jeep panel delivery (CJ based vehicle) 1950s
205 Ford T roadster 1910
206 Ford T pickup 1911
207 Ford T light deliverytruck  1911
208 Ford T firetruck  1913
209 Mack 'Bulldog' staketruck  1923
210 Mack 'Bulldog' dumptruck  1923
211 Mack 'Bulldog' chassis & cab  1923
212 Mack 'Bulldog' tanktruck 1923
213 Ford T roadster or pickup   1925
214 Ford AA Railway Express Agency deliverytruck 1929
215 Ford T  US Mail truck  1925
216 Ford T paneltruck  1925
217 Ford A woodside stationwagon  1929
218 Fordson farm tractor / steel cleated wheels  1920
219 Fordson industrial tractor / hard rubber tires  1920
220 Mack 'Bulldog' tractor with aerial ladder  1923
221 Ahrens-Fox pumper 1927
222 Essex Coach   1926
225 Ford V8 sedan with optional engine detail  1940
226 Ford T hardtop sedan  1920
227 Mack 'Bulldog' Hi-Lift coal dumptruck 1923
228 Oldsmobile Curved Dash (Run-about or rail inspectioncar 1904
229 Ford 21-passenger bus   1934
230 Old West stagecoach with six horses 1890
231 Packard staketruck 1922
232 Mack 'Bulldog' water tanktruck  1923
233 Ford T Calliope truck  1925
234 Old West stagecoach with six horses / 'Wild West Show' decals 1890
235 Popcorn wagon   1913
236 Ford A hardtop sedan   1928
237 American LaFrance pumper 1924
238 Ford TT staketruck  1923
239 Ford AA tanktruck  1929
240 Ford A pickup  1928
241 Ford T tourer (optional railroad wheels)  1914
242 Hotrod roadster   1950
243 Hotrod Coupe 1950
244 Ford (?) City Transit Bus 1940
301 Depot baggage wagons (2 in kit) with luggage  -
302 Palm trees (3) with coconuts (!)
302 Mack 15 ton Industrial locomotive / oil-electric   ?
303 Erie B Steam Shovel (former Vintage Vehicles kit) ?
304 Erie B-2 Steam Crane (former Vintage Vehicles kit) ?


C-201: original 1950s issues came in small brown paper envelopes and had pressed metal body parts and fenders that had to be cut out. Factory direct sales were mailed in a mailing tube.
C-203: the original 1950s kit is all typical Jordan molded plastic, but black in color, except for a sheet aluminum hood, which must be formed around a plastic form that is supplied. The hood may be left open to show the engine top, a separate distributor and air cleaner are included.  The detail of the front grill is perfectly cast and two glass jewels are furnished for headlights.  The front fenders are plastic, but must be contoured by bending.  The rear tailgate and window lift gate may be modeled open or closed.  The instruction sheet measures an incredible 11" x 22"! It is an excellent scale model. Sold in identical envelopes as C-201 and also mailed in a mailing tube in case of factory direct sales.
C-204: The companion vehicle to the above, substitutes side panels with solid sides instead of the station wagon's window sides, and two vertical rear doors instead of the horizontal tailgate and window gate of the station wagon.  Otherwise exactly like the above with its own huge instruction sheet. This kit was also sold in identical envelopes as C-201 and mailed in a mailing tube in case of factory direct sales.

C-207: models issued later came in white cardboard boxes.

Additional Information: The letter I received from Jordan Products dated 16 November 2005 in response to an inquiry about possible plans to reissue the Jeep kits, stated in part:

"To answer your question, the Jeep, Model T and Olds were all dropped at the same time because of a change in molding equipment.  The T was redone because it was a very good seller.  The Olds was an "in house fun project" and not planned as a replacement for the original. But we released it because a few people requested it and it paid for itself. The problem with the Jeep is the cost of tooling..."  which they feel the market would not support.

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