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PIC-R    Rogeron

This wellknown French manufacturer of modeltrains also manufactured different series of carmodels to be used as loads for their cartransportercars. Around 1975 the first series of carmodels was withdrawn and replaced by a new range of poorly detailed models. Jouef also made models for the UK under the 'Playcraft Railways' brand, there were only six cars made by Jouef for Playcraft which were also sold as loads. 

Series I

The first series of models was made between 1957 and 1965. These models have additional detail painted on and have white wheels with painted red hubs.

Ref# Model
? Aston-Martin DB5
? Chausson Bus 'SNCF'
? CitroŽn 2CV
? CitroŽn DS 19
? CitroŽn ID 19 Break stationwagon
? CitroŽn DS 21
? Mercedes 190 SL
? Panhard Dyna
? Peugeot 203
? Peugeot 403
? Renault 16
? Simca Ariane
? Simca†Aronde
? Simca 1500
? Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle)
? Farmall tractor*
190 Set of 2 Chausson buses
195 Set of 2 Chausson buses, 6 car models and a service-station

* Information received from Alain Plassais: The Farmall tractor can be found with Rogeron, Francorusse and Bonux markings too. Where the Jouef label was replaced on the car models this is not the case with the tractor; the 'Jouef' name was not removed and can easily be read above the rear axle on the right, the Rogeron (or Francorusse, or Bonux) names are found (not easy to see) next to the driver seat on the left.

Series II

The second series of models was issued between aproximately 1968 and 1975, the models are the same as in the first series but details were no longer painted and the wheels are now plain red.

Aston-Martin DB5
Chausson Bus 'SNCF'
CitroŽn 2CV
CitroŽn DS 19 / CitroŽn DS 21 (see picture further below)
CitroŽn ID 19 Break stationwagon 
Mercedes 190 SL  
Panhard Dyna
Peugeot 203
Peugeot 403
Renault 16  
Simca Ariane
Simca 1500  
Volkswagen 1200 (Beetle) 

Jouef models came in some surprising varieties, pictured above are the bottomplates of three Ariane models, 'Jouef' on the left, without brandname in the middle and labelled 'Coop Champ' on the right. According to Sylvain, Coop was a French company of groceries and small super-markets ('Magasins Coop') which no longer exists and 'Champ' may have become 'Champion', which is a supermarket chain in France as well. Maybe these companies used the model as a sort of give away ? Also, compare the bottomplates pictured above to the ones of the Rogeron models....  same bottomplate, different brandname again....  And apart from the three bottomplates above you may also find these models with 'Francorusse' on the bottomplate.. All models were manufactured by Jouef though. 

A closer look at the bottomplate of the CitroŽn DS19 / DS21 reveals that the model was called DS19 in the first series but that the name was changed to DS21 in the second series of models. Updating your models the Jouef way ! 

Apparently the models have also been released with grey wheels....  apart from the Peugeot 203 pictured below, the Simca Aronde, Panhard PL and Peugeot 403 are also known with grey wheels.  Any information about these models ? Anyone ?

Peugeot 203 model with grey wheels ?  

Another series of models appeared on the market in 1976. These models were less detailed.

BMW 2002 
Citroen CX
Mercedes 240D
Opel Manta A  
Peugeot 104
Peugeot 504  
Renault 4L  
Renault 5  
Renault 30  
Simca 1100  
Volkswagen Golf (type 1)
BMC Mini 850  


A closer look at the simplified bottomplates on two models of the third series.

Besides the car models, Jouef also released a yard tractor and a model of a 'Trailor' trailer. Apart from being sold in set 664 pictured below, the trailer models have also been available as load on flatcar.

Ref# Model Year
664 'Kangourou' set with two trailers, 'Bailly' and 'Calberson' 1967
665 flatcar with trailer 'Bailly' 1967
6960 flatcar with trailer 'Danzas' 1991
6962 flatcar with trailer 'Calberson' 1990
6964 flatcar with trailer 'Bouquerod' 1990
6965 flatcar with trailer 'Bailly' 1974
6965 flatcar with trailer 'Bailly' 1990
6966 flatcar with trailer (no prints) 1974
6966 flatcar with trailer 'Sernam' 1990
6967 flatcar with trailer 'TNTE' 1984
6969 flatcar with trailer 'France Etoile' 1990


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